The missing trade show booth

Andy Kessler 29. Jan ’14 General
I have been very bad in writing blogs lately. Things were just super busy with OPEN and I actually wanted to write this blog for a while…. Since it’s a real fun story I thought it is never too late to share it.

Back in October 2013, we had the most important tradeshow and one of the biggest events in France: Roc d ‘ Azur. It is an incredibly good event with 20’000 people racing spread over a couple of days.

We made our booth together with our French partner Mohawks’. They are a great and professional group of people and its always a pleasure to do an event with them.

As in previous years, we had an booth in the outside area as normally the weather is still very nice with comfortable temperatures down in south of France.

In the morning we always were one of the first guys on the showground. When I came to show on the second day around 7’30 there was no more booth of us…. There was just an empty space with a box and some of the decoration stuff we had. I was asking myself if I did drink to much the night before…! I realized soon that this was not the case. Next thing that came to my mind was that all was stolen as this happens quiet a bit down there (I had a Van stolen with 2 motorcycles, 2 bikes and all equipment for both once before). I kept asking around the very few people that were already there, and then after a while somebody of the security stuff told me that there was a storm during the night and a couple of booths got destroyed.

So I kept looking around for my friends from Mohawk’s and after about 45 minutes I found them.  They got a call at 4 in the morning that they had to pick up the leftovers of the booth. They organized a booth space inside one of the halls (the show was completely sold out) and we began rebuilding our booth with all what was left over. Other people affected just went home but we made it happen thanks to the dedication of Mohawks' and a great show organizer that was helpful with giving us a place that was normally not for the expo as it was just in front of the security meeting room.

After some adrenalin in the morning and not much sleep gravity seemed to be a little heavier by the end of that day. Ok the hospitality of one of our customers that brought paté and a sweet desert wine might have had a little influence also....

But overall we had a great show with lots of success…ok, we did also everything for our customers as you can see out of the attached picture.

Next year we will have a booth inside in the covered area of the Roc. I am sure its going to be 4 lovely days full of sunshine and no wind...