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OPEN Ambassadors

Gerard Vroomen - 29-Nov-2022
The leaves are falling, the end of the year is nearing, a chance to look back and look forward.

This year marks our 10th anniversary and we are grateful for how far OPEN has come. In our quest for a simpler way to work in the bike industry, it’s also quite simple to see the source of our success. For a company that doesn’t do sponsorships or advertisements, the key for OPEN's success is you. You somehow found us, follow us, maybe buy a frameset or bike from us and tell your friends about us. So a big thank you to you all.

As we think about the next 10 years, we are excited about the future. We will continue to focus on framesets as we have, but we also know that a lot of people prefer to purchase complete bikes. As you may have seen, we now offer our most popular models as complete bikes too, all with our own preferred specs. The only challenge that remains is to let the world know that we have these complete bikes.

For that, we're looking for ambassadors who are interested in purchasing one of our complete bikes and showcasing it when they ride. So together with our partners at SRAM and Campagnolo, we are offering ambassadors the option to ride any of our Ekar or Force/Eagle bikes at a very special price: 
  • EUR/USD 3,500 for the UP with Campagnolo 
  • Ekar EUR/USD 4,200 for the WIDE with SRAM Force/Eagle and DT Swiss GR 1600 Spline wheels
  • 30% off any of the other models in the store
  • You can find all the complete bikes here
All we ask in return is that you:
  • Ride the bike a lot
  • Put the bike with your spec in our customer showcase
  • Enjoy it
  • Write a story for our blog once a year about a nice adventure you had with the bike
If you're interested in becoming an ambassador, simply write us a quick note with the following information:
  • How many km/miles will you ride this year?
  • 1-3 sentences of why you would like to be an ambassador for OPEN
  • Links to any blog or social media account that shows your love of cycling
The lucky ones will receive a discount code for the above bikes in our online store that is valid until the end of December. If you prefer to work via a retailer, no problem, we're neutral (you know, Swiss). Just let us know who you'd like to work with. Any other questions, just shoot us an email.




Andy & Gerard

Comments & Questions

Good morning,
to be an ambassador would be great, and i would love to ride an UP with Campagnolo Ekar.
This year it will be +/- 9000 km
In the age of 65 i am still curios, and like to do, as many others, some gravel racing next year - as an individualist i`d like to ride a bike away from the mainstream.
My love for the bike has a long story, even a bit longer than my former triathlon times and the P2.
Now i haven`t got a blog or social media account but i could start it with the new bike, another challenge,-)
Post #1 of 14. Posted by Paul Theil on 30-Nov-2022 00:22:47 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24725]
Hello, I have ridden bikes since I had a banana seat bike in 1968 at age 6. The birthday gift bike gave me the freedom to explore the countryside and farmlands around my home. At age 11 I saved up enough money to by a Fuji 10 speed. Through the years I’ve always found practical and wonderful bikes to ride for commuting and for pleasure. I began mountain biking and doing mountain Triathlon’s my 30’s and now enjoy setting up rides with children, youth, and families on trails, backroads and gravel. Next year I will ride around 3000 miles in Colorado, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Virginia. I hope to ride with my sons and Icelandic friends from Reykjavik to Husavik on a UP with Campagnola Ekar components. I appreciate the commitment to quality and innovative design and construction of Open bikes and would love to share it. I don’t do much social media, but I am very involved in green practices in the small town of Black Mountain N.C. and would commit to developing a social media platform to highlight the bike adventures in all the beautiful places we ride!
Post #2 of 14. Posted by David Carter Florence on 30-Nov-2022 03:39:06 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24726]
Oops. Missed the three sentence limit. Very psyched about riding Open!
Post #7 of 14. Posted by David Carter Florence on 01-Dec-2022 18:22:48 GMT in reply to post #2 [24726<--24732]
Oops. Missed the three sentence limit. Very psyched about riding Open!
Post #8 of 14. Posted by David Carter Florence on 01-Dec-2022 18:22:49 GMT in reply to post #2 [24726<--24733]
Wow - ten years! Congratulations. Very early, I purchased an 0-1.1 model and many years later it is still my go-to. I love it. And it still attracts attention.

Here's to the next ten years.
Post #3 of 14. Posted by David Meerman Scott on 30-Nov-2022 05:07:23 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24727]
Good Morning Open Cycles from sunny Paradise Valley AZ. Just moved here from Salt Lake City, where I used to see your bikes more often. I’d like to see more of your beautiful builds in the desert. I try to ride at least 500 miles per month, a little less in hot summer months. I would love to invest in one of your beautiful bikes to ride in our scenic desert trails and on the roads to the trailheads.

Doug Reichman
Post #4 of 14. Posted by Doug Reichman on 30-Nov-2022 10:45:59 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24728]
Very interested to ride open bikes/frame in my 2023 gravel racing season
Post #5 of 14. Posted by Bryan Locsin on 30-Nov-2022 23:55:48 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24729]
Innamorato della mia Open WI.DE.
Post #6 of 14. Posted by Fabio Nicoletto on 01-Dec-2022 08:51:36 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24730]
I would love to be an OPEN ambassador. I am passionate about good products and when something works well I enthusiastically share it with others. I have been active in 5 local cycling groups for the past 30 years and my cycling buddies encompass all bikes of life. I am currently riding a Waterford steel frame that is 13 years old. I would love to build out a frame and post the progress on social media; here are some of the pages I'd utilize:
would like to work in collaboration with ProForm Bike Shop. Thanks for your consideration; OPEN Forever.
Post #9 of 14. Posted by Mark Zakowski on 01-Dec-2022 22:14:56 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24734]
Hola estimado.
Mido 1 metro 68 , cual es mi talla de cuadro?
Post #10 of 14. Posted by John on 05-Dec-2022 11:07:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24736]
Just a question about this picture... what is this gold chain on an Ekar build?
I want the same ;-)
Post #11 of 14. Posted by Charles on 07-Dec-2022 15:29:10 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24737]
Soy ciclista élite y ciclo deportista con participaciones en campeonato españa , en carreras pruebas UCI y en las marchas cicloturistas más famosas Es mi tercer año consecutivo haciendo más de 32000km, todos en bicicleta de carretera, este año voy a superar los 36.000km, no tengo bici de montaña y me ha llamado mucho la atención el gravel, tengo mucha curiosidad por el gravel y competir en esta disciplina
Aquí les dejo mi strava para que vean que no miento jejeje https://www.str...1548, creo que necesita una actualización, unas fotos de una Open podrían ayudar!
Gracias y enhorabuena por vuestras bicis, derrochan calidad y clase
Post #12 of 14. Posted by Edgar Esteban on 07-Dec-2022 17:03:24 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24738]
Would be honored to be an ambassador for Open. I live and ride in Boulder, CO and participate in many small and large events each year like Elephant Rock, Triple Bypass, Copper Triangle and Ragbrai (10,000+ riders). As former publisher and editor of outdoor books would be happy to contribute articles/blog postings with lots of pics of the many adventures I'll have on my Open machine, here and across the country. I am active on Strava and this would give me just the reason needed to post even more on Instagram and other sites. I do appreciate the consideration.
Post #13 of 14. Posted by Michael Gardner on 08-Dec-2022 13:03:18 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24739]
being an ambassador while riding my open wide enve woud be rad. i will ride as many miles as i can, and i swear and i will rep the open brand with some sweet jumps and skids whenever possible. as a 30 year mt bike rider who finally changed over to road/gravel so I would not kill myself trying to constantly progress in the gnar i truly cant beleive how much i love riding this bike.
Post #14 of 14. Posted by ken wood on 09-Dec-2022 22:19:25 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24740]