Ambassadors - final call + WINTER WHEEL WHOPPERTUNITY

Gerard Vroomen - 05-Dec-2023
Wow, December is here, unbelievable. 

It will be a very busy month coming up, including hopefully the launch of our new website (at least the start of it as we have many exciting things coming up).

We will also be launching a really cool series called OPEN E.A.R. together with some of the amazing musicians that ride on OPEN bikes, more about that next week.

And hopefully somewhere in there, we'll have some space to take time off for the Holidays!

The point of this update however is to tell you that the ambassador drive is coming to an end. Due to the change to the new site and the Holidays, we will not be able to review and process ambassador applications after December 15. So to be safe, you need to send your applications in by December 10, then with some turn-around time from us you'll still have a few days to complete the order. This doesn't guarantee you'll have the bike before Christmas, but it does guarantee you that it will be processed.

The photos you see on this page are all from various ambassadors, longer stories on that to follow in the new year.


Secondly, I wrote earlier about how 650b wheels are really underrated in gravel (more on my new 650b WIDE build also next year) either as your only wheelset or as a second set for extreme trips or winter. We actually have a few 650b wheelsets left-over that we do not have bikes for, so Andy is offering you the chance to get a second wheel set (for a bike you already own or together with any bike you're buying now). 

The offer is a 650b wheel set (DT Swiss GR 1600 Spline with SRAM xD-r freehub or HED Emporia GA with Campagnolo N3W freehub) for USD/EUR 400 INCLUDING tires (Schwalbe G-One Allround 27.5x2.25" or similar). If you're interested, just email Andy


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