BOTM: New UP Sage bike available now - part 1

Gerard Vroomen 15. Aug ’23 General

Actually, this "now" is a bit of a flexible term. You see, the last thing I did before going on vacation was putting this new bike in the store. But I never wrote an update about it.

Surprisingly, a fair number of you already found it without any announcement, so that made me realize I have to hurry writing this or it won't be necessary anymore and that would be a shame for all the nice photos Marc shot of this bike.

So what do we have here? A few years ago, Andy decided to paint some UP frames in California Sage. It's an Aston Martin color, Andy can never decide if he likes or hates cars, but he sure loves this color.


Turns out, so do many of you, and they were all sold out in an instant.Trying to balance keeping this color special and making people happy with the bike of their dreams, we have made a few small batches since.

For this year, we made a few again and this time, we built it up with Campagnolo Ekar. Beautiful, classic frame, classic parts, but at the same time state of the art with the U.P., the 1x13 drivetrain, the HED Emporia wheels and the rest of the kit.

Normally this is the point where Andy would say there are only a few, so hurry, but I guess this now falls upon me. And obviously I made it worse by putting it in the store two weeks ago. Rumor has it that Andy has a secret garage somewhere with a few more, but you never know. Could be an Aston Martin in there too!

The bike can be found in our online store here and at select OPEN retailers. Here is the gallery with the action photos (if you like the apparel instead of the bike, that can be found in the men's apparel and women's apparel stores). Still photos of the bike coming soon!