BOTM: ONE TO GO - part 2

Andy Kessler 17. Nov ’17 General
As mentioned in part 1 of this Blog my riding seasons starts now when *normal" people put their bike away for a winter pause. I used to ride my road bike a lot in the summer and in the winter I always changed to my ONE.

This summer it was a bit different. I only used my road bike twice and most of the times I was on my U.P. or on the U.P.P.E.R..  I just decided to make space in my garage, so if anybody wants a Cervélo R5 I have one to go....

I love riding in the winter when its cold and even more when there is some snow on the ground. Here in Basel we normally do not get a lot of snow so you can really ride on it and you can almost ride every day in winter also.  I had an OPEN ONE with plus tires before but this one is  more a trail and less a race setup but still the total weight is lower than many other hardtail race bikes (yes we will get that information to you in part 3).

One more reason why I like riding in winter is that there is nobody around when you hit the trails so you can ride for hours without seeing anybody else. 

Here comes the gallery of the ONE that can do it all: