Andy Kessler 11. Dec ’20 General
I am really afraid to kick off another limited edition. Why ? Because I know we will have a luxury problem- but a problem.

Our last "kind off" limited edition Hurry U.P. did sell out in a couple of minutes only and we had to disappoint a lot of you...Now for this months OPEN X MALOJA edition we have even fewer units available. So we will do the following:

This frame becomes available from our European warehouse end of January/early February. If you are interested, you just send me a mail with your address and phone number. You have 2 weeks time to do so until we have the last part of our BOTM blog. We will then have a lottery and with a bit of luck we can allocate you one to be shipped to you or your preferred OPEN dealer. I think this is fair and stressless for all of us. 

But now lets focus on the real story.

Riding a gravel Bike brings us independence and freedom, it gives us the flexibility to try out complete new routes.

It is in this spirit that we have come together with Maloja and industry friends to create something special and beautiful.

"Soul in the Woods" stands for the urge to be outdoors in nature, in the woods. And it stands for the community. In the forest every tree has its place, but only in the community, in its diversity it is strong. This is exactly the soul of this community project!

We have started working with Maloja on that project over a year ago before all our lives changed dramatically. But the beautiful design by Maloja as well as the spirit of that project could not be more up to date.

We life in difficult times. For me personally riding my bike in the woods helps me to keep my mental balance. It is one of the last pleasures left with no - or lets better say almost no restrictions.

I think- or better I hope, that we can all start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That we soon can travel again freely and can hug our friends and family.

Until then start practising hug a tree....

photo credit: Wiawis by Urs Golling