Andy Kessler 22. Aug ’23 General

I am sitting here in the OPEN office with 37 degrees outside temperature... I am sweating and what better time to share a blog related to ice cream ?

One of my favourite BOTM videos is the one from Max KΓΌng talking about his "U.P. on a stick". Ok I have to admit it is also because I am not in it... 

I know this sounds kind of weird but I really love our office space and even more our location. I really like to come to work - ok that sounds even weirder but you will see why in one of the upcoming BOTM videos.

We have tons of nice little restaurants around us, some of the coolest coffee places, the Rhine river where we jump in at lunch to cool off and since a year also the best ice cream in town from the Gelateria di Berna. They like bikes, we like ice cream so pretty logical what comes next.. Check out the video.

ok I forgot: to make things even worse for you - we have also great gravel and road terrain...soooooorrry

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