Happy birthday OPEN

Andy Kessler 03. Feb ’15 General
The last couple of months have been rather busy at OPEN. 2014 has not been really the best year in our rather young company history. After 2 years of excitement and progress 2014 has been a year of not really moving ahead. That’s also why it has been too quiet on the blog side of things.  

We were planning to release our new ONE and our fully both made in Europe. We did not succeed to do that in 2014 because of different reasons. We might tell you more in detail in upcoming blogs.

For us, bringing a new product to the market is one of our main drivers:  it is the moment where we can share our passion with our customers and fans. The payback from that is much bigger and more motivating than just a dollar figure and is basically one of the main reasons why we have created this company. We do what we love to do and we hope that there is enough people that will share our passion and we can sooner or later making a living from that. Obviously we can not live from only one model, that was clear from the start .So for us it is important to bring out product number 2 and 3. One positive thing about being small is that we have not the same pressure as a big company with high overhead cost would have and we can wait until we are 100% satisfied with our new developments.

Coming back to 2014 not all has been bad. Our 1.0 and 1.1 frames are still going very strong and we could achieve some important milestones. Our brand is growing and fortunately we have enough happy 1.0/1.1 customers that are loyal enough and ready to wait a little longer to buy there second or third OPEN.

Time is flying and I only realized by people congratulating via linkedin that we just had our 3 year anniversary on February 13th 2015.  

2015 will be the year of OPEN. For the first time we will not only have one product, but we should have a small and powerful line up that gives our customers a wider range of use. And yes we will have more blogs and interesting things to share with you.

We will not have a birthday party and probably not even have a drink together  (not because we don’t like each other anymore-there is just no time for it) but for sure our biggest birthday gift will be when our OPEN friends get a new toy and tell us about the fun and excitement they have with it… 

stay tuned