Introducing U.P. Lavender Limited Edition

Our freshest frame ever

We know this one will polarize but that's alright. After all we have many colors to choose from for the U.P. frame. That said, Andy and I thought it was time for something different, and so we went on the hunt for new colors. That led us to Pantone, purveyers of colors and associated highfalutin stories about why some colors are in and others are out.

For those who have never come across Pantone, they provide standard color codes which are an easy way for designers (or bike painters, decal makers, etc) to talk to each other about color, much like RAL or other paint codes. They also write reports about color trends, which sell for what seems to be a lot of money. But they also provide snippets for free, and one of those snippets was their "earth trends" 

They called this the "earth healing palette", which evoked more skin care than bike riding associations for me. But they did describe it as creating a "deeply connected relationship with nature" and a "joyful celebration of the planet". That works with riding a gravel bike in nature! I decided to skip over the "rich tactile amalgamation of textures", after all you get what you pay for with free advice.

So, to start off small on our 12  1/2 year anniversary  celebration, we picked 4 of these colors for a new logo circle and two of them for a limited edition frameset.

Available (almost) now

The Lavender U.P. will be available as a frameset around July 13 (no joke), which is exactly 12  1/2  years since OPEN was founded on January 13, 2012. To make sure we can ship them to you as quickly as possible when they arrive, we are opening the ordering today. That allows you to enjoy this Lavender U.P. frameset with its smell of fresh laundry (and amalgamation of textures) for a good chunk of the summer. If you're interested in a complete bike, just contact your local OPEN retailer or OPEN directly to see what is possible. 

U.P. Frameset


6 Jul 2024

The new color makes me reconsider buying my Rapha Edition last year hahah

Dan Goddard
27 Jun 2024

The lavender is beautiful! Holy smokes

Gerard Vroomen (OPEN Cycle)
28 Jun 2024

Glad you like it!

Joshua Meier
26 Jun 2024

So good!! Love the refresh with the site and new color ways.

Gerard Vroomen (OPEN Cycle)
28 Jun 2024

Glad you like the refresh of the site. To be honest, still lots to be done!

25 Jun 2024

Yes, it's different, but I LOVE it. Congrats on your 12.5 years and looking forward to the next 12.5. BTW, I own an UP (green) and it is my alltime favorite bike. It's really magical. But this has me thinking about getting a new one!

25 Jun 2024

I love this color. I bought a Specialized Rockhopper sport in '92 in almost the same color scheme, two tone mustard graphics. I still have this bike!

Gerard | OPEN
26 Jun 2024

That's amazing that you still have it Scott. That's a classic!

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