In 2012 we introduced the O-1.0; the world's first sub-900 gram hardtail. It was the perfect XC racing machine as our customers (you!) have proven that time and time again, from World Cup cross country races to Cape Epic wins (without sponsorships!)

By mid-2015, we were almost ready to introduce the ONE, but a delay in manufacturing and the introduction of the Boost standard made us change our mind. Boost increases wheel & frame stiffness and improves tire clearance. This was too good a chance to pass up, and so we reworked the frame completely into what is now the ONE+

The ONE+ is still that zero-compromise XC racing machine; our customers expect this from us and so we made absolutely no compromise here. Boost, a BB92 bottom bracket and our Thru-Thread thru axle increase drivetrain stiffness further, while new Wire-stays improve vertical compliance & traction. A dozen more tweaks and updates make the ONE+ a much, much better frame than we ever thought possible.

And then the bonus: Boost gave us enough space for 29x2.4” tires and tons of mud clearance, perfect for the ever more demanding XC courses. And similar to what we did on the U.P. the ONE+ also provides space to put in a 27.5x3.0” tire! While there are other frames that offer to fit both wheel sizes, they are usually heavy and not that much fun. Because the ONE+ has a zero-compromised XC frame that is still sub-900 gram, it’s super light not only as an XC racer but also as a 27.5+ tire go-anywhere bike. This makes it not only an interesting option for tough, fun rides but even for very demanding XC courses. More tire, more fun, more speed!

Tire philosophy

The ONE+, like its predecessor the O-1.0, is all about agile handling and efficient power transfer in a super-light package. For the new design we made two small tweaks:

1)  We included wider 2.4” tires into the mix, as tires in XC are creeping up in width to deal with the ever more challenging courses (exact tire dimensions depend on manufacturing tolerances and rim width, so this is a guideline. Always make sure you have 6mm clearance between tire and frame).
2)  For the smallest size, we changed from 29er to 27.5” tires. This allows us to get the front end lower, which was a frequent request for the O-1.0 in size S. There’s only so low you can go over a big 29er front wheel. The 27.5” gives us the space to create the perfect geometry for handling and fit for these customers. This also means that for the Plus tires, the size S uses 26+ tires instead of 27.5+ tires.

With the cross country geometry dialed in, we focused on a third, much tougher change: how to offer the option of fitting 3” wide tires onto such a cross-country racing machine without compromising the handling.

We faced a similar problem for the U.P. model, and the solution is also similar. Had we simply made space in the frame for 29er tires that are 3” wide, the resulting bike would have been a disaster for two reasons:

1)  If the geometry works well for cross country tires (2.0-2.4”), going all the way to 3.0” means the overall size of the wheel becomes much bigger, so the bike sits higher, the trail increases and the handling is compromized.
2)  To accommodate these bigger tires, you need longer chainstays, a bigger fork, all things that make it a worse cross-country bike.

Obviously this was not an option for us; we do not wish to compromise the cross-country handling of the frame at all.

So we went a different route. For the 3.0” tires, we went with a 27.5” rim (26” for size S). The smaller radius of this rim in combination with a bigger tire renders the same overall wheel size as a bigger radius rim with a smaller tire.

Same overall wheel size, same handling, no compromise. That simply doesn’t work with 29x3.0” Plus tires, only with 27.5x3.0” Plus tires. Here it is in numbers:

Tire sizeWheel radius


Lots of confusion in the mountain bike world nowadays, between three wheel sizes, several axle standards, Fat & Plus tires, Boost, etc.

So let’s talk about Boost. It’s really quite simple, Boost moves the chain outward by 3mm without changing the Q-factor (pedal stance) of the crank. It basically uses up the space created when high-end bikes stopped using triple cranks.

Also moving the cassette out 3mm plus another 3mm on the disc brake side means the rear wheel axle grows from 142 to 148mm. This improves the angles for the spokes to create a stronger, stiffer wheel. Great for big 29er wheels but really a good thing for every wheel size.

Bottomline: same pedal stance/Q-factor up front for good pedalling efficiency, wider spoke stance in the rear for stiffer, stronger wheel builds. If you want, you can also do the same trick in the front with a Boost front hub (110mm vs 100mm) but that’s optional.

Why do we add Boost to this frame? Because it adds stiffness to the build, because it works well with the wider rims that we prefer and because it creates more tire clearance between tire and chain. Aside from these advantages, there really aren’t any drawbacks now that all manufacturers have started making their components in Boost versions.

Dropped chainstay

To create space for bigger tires, the ONE+ features OPEN’s trademark dropped chainstay. A clean and simple method to move the chainstay away from the most crowded real estate on a frame and towards an area where we can boost the chainstay size for the most efficient power transfer.

TRCinTRS™ technology

“100% hi-modulus carbon”, “aero-space grade”, etc. Useless – and hopefully false (we’ll get to that) – claims meant to impress you.

It’s not about high- or low-modulus, it’s about the right carbon in the right spot. And because the bike industry loves techie-sounding abbreviations, we’ll humor them and call it TRCinTRS™.

Fact: stiffer carbon is more brittle. Strategically placed ultra-high-modulus carbon is a good idea. Making the whole headtube out of it when you have big impact loads is not!

The best lay-up is not 100% of one modulus; it’s a blend. We use the highest modulus (stiffest) carbon of any bike manufacturer where we can, and tougher grades of carbon where we must. That’s how our frames are both light and durable.


The rear triangle has to provide lateral stiffness for an efficient drive train, but vertical compliance for better comfort. The ONE+ features chainstays and seatstays that are extremely thin vertically to provide that compliance, while their lateral width and layup ensure rock-solid propulsion.

The seatstays are pre-curved so they can absorb even small bumps very quickly. But lay the bike into a turn and you’ll notice how stiff they are laterally. Truly the best of both worlds.

Flat-out downtube

The downtube is the key for stiffness, connecting the steering center of your frame with the drivetrain. The flat-out downtube’s characteristically flat outside faces allow us to strategically place strips of ultra-high modulus carbon far away from the center plane. The stiffest carbon exactly where it matters, guaranteed!

Zero-setback seattube

With a minimalist 27.2mm diameter we maximize the flex in our seatpost & seattube. This is especially a big plus on rough terrain. The seattube angle is designed around the use of a straight, zero-setback seatpost rather than a regular seatpost with setback (we’ve never understood those). Zero-setback posts are lighter, saving you another 10-30 grams (every little bit helps).

Fully-internal cables/hoses

External cables & hoses collect dirt, risk getting stuck behind objects (particularly expensive with electronic shifting) and frankly, they are ugly. So the ONE+ runs them internally.

With our proven MultiStop design, you can customize the frame for 2x10/11, 1x10/11 and Di2 shifting. Just pick the right insert.

ThruThread dropouts

Most thru-axle frames are heavier than quick-release frames. Extra carbon for the dropouts, heavy hangers, and the axle itself. But they are stiffer, So what do you want most? The answer for most people is “both”, and so we introduce the first frames that combine a thru-axle with a lower weight. How?

The ThruThread design uses the same threads that hold the thru-axle to lock the derailleur hanger into the frame. Simple, light, effective.

We didn’t just redesign the dropout, the entire seatstay and chainstay design is optimized with the added stiffness of the thru-axle in mind. For the thru-axle itself, we recommend the stiffest design available, the Syntace X-12, but you are free to use a different 12mm thru-axle if you want.

SafePost™ Pilot hole

Seatposts usually indicate a minimum insertion dimension. That keeps the seatPOST safe, but it’s also important that the seatTUBE is supported properly. The minimum insertion for that is indicated by the SafePost Pilot hole.

Bottom bracket

The ONE+ uses a 92mm bottom bracket standard. This allows you to directly mount a Shimano or SRAM 24mm crank in the frame (the wider BB shell replaces the outboard bearing cups, essentially integrating them into the frame structure).

You can even fit cranks with wide, 30mm axles by using a special super-light bearing set (for example the THM M3 and RaceFace SL cranks) for the stiffest, lightest possible set-up.


PLEASE read this before you jump into the numbers, so at least they make sense:

  1. The geometry is based on an unsagged 100mm suspension fork
  2. The size Small is designed around smaller wheels and hence a shorter fork. If you size by stack & reach, this doesn’t matter as they are independent of wheel size. But if you look for example at headtube length, you will see “strange” things like the Small having a longer headtube than the Medium. That’s not because the Small is taller, but because the whole headtube starts lower because of the smaller wheels.
  3. The ONE+ is designed around narrow 29er cross-country tires and wide 27.5” “semi-fat” tires. Both have very close outside wheel diameters so the geometry doesn’t really change between one or the other. Of course there will always be small differences from one tire to the next, a 2.1” tire from Schwalbe has different dimensions (in width and diameter) than a Continental or WTB. And of course a 2.4” tire will be slightly different from a 2.1” even if the make and model are the same. ll these dimensions are also affected by rim width. For the handling, that all falls within the range that we design for, but you do have to realize that for example standover height is slightly effected by this. This is obviously not unique to the ONE+, this applies to any bike.
  4. Standover height is measured to the top of the toptube directly above the bottom bracket and depends slightly on the exact tire size used.



Frame sizes:S, M, L
Frame-only weight (+/- 3%): Size S: 848g
Size M: 869g
Size L: 885g
BB std:BB92 PressFit
Recommended fork:100-120mm travel, 44-46mm offset
Crank std:Boost 1x or 2x (for 24mm or 30mm axles depending on crank brand)
Max. 1x ring size:36t
Tire fit for frame:29x2.4” and 27.5x3.0” for size M & L
27.5x2.4” and 26x3.0” for size S
Headset std:Integrated Tapered IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
Seatpost Ø:27.2mm
Rear axle std:Boost 148x12mm thru axle
Rear brake std:Post mount for 160mm disc
Cable routing:Internal via exchangeable MultiStops for 1x10/11/12, 2x10/11, Di2
Incl. in box:Frame, headset, seattube collar, rear thru-axle, 2 rear derailleur hangers, 3 MultiStops (2x, 1x, Di2), chainstay cable exit stop, BB guide, cable sleeves, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, manual
Frameset Price
(excl. sales tax)
$3,200 USD


ONE+ Shift cable installation

ONE+ Brake cable installation

OPEN Seatpost clamp

Torque Specs


Enjoy the general image gallery for the ONE+ or select one of the thumbnails underneath to see our special Bike Of The Month photos and specs.

ONE+ Overview

November 2015
ONE+ prototype test

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month

Comments & Questions

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Based on the geometry of the ONE+, is there a minimum stem length for your frame? I used to run a 30mm stem on my other bike, but is that appropriate for an XC bike such as this?
Post #1 of 195. Posted by Putra on 03-May-2016 12:19:37 GMT [0<--639]
You can if you want to, but probably when you pick the right frame size you'll end up with something a bit longer. But handling-wise, we have very agile steering so even with a super short stem, it is quite nice and not as sluggish as other bikes would be.
Post #3 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-May-2016 14:36:28 GMT [639<--653]
How does the chainstay length affect the handling? For me 440 mm seems a bit too long.
Post #2 of 195. Posted by on 09-May-2016 09:04:41 GMT [0<--650]
Chain stay length affects stability and weight distribution. We've tested quite a range and the 440mm for the M and L in combination with the 29er wheels makes not only theoretical sense but also is what we prefer on the trails. Of course I say this in combination with all our other geometrical decisions, it's not like 440mm is good or bad in itself, it's how it works in combination with our head tube angle, our fork rake, etc to create that agile steering.
Post #4 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-May-2016 14:45:46 GMT [650<--656]
will it work with 120 mm fork?
Post #5 of 195. Posted by on 17-May-2016 11:45:39 GMT [0<--680]
Yes it will.
Post #6 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-May-2016 15:58:32 GMT [680<--681]
Gerard: I've always admired your work with Cervelo--outstanding technical achievement in so many ways--and always wondered if you'd ever find the time to turn your attention to mountain biking. You've solved one of the principal challenges of road bike design--taking advantage of aerodynamics without materially impacting other key elements, such as weight and handling. Now I'm wondering whether you'll take on one of the key design challenges of mountain bikes: Giving the rider the advantage of full suspension to cope with technical race courses. Again, without overly impacting other key design elements. Seems like a useful challenge to solve, a difficult one, and therefore one worthy of your skills.

Regardless, you have my


Post #7 of 195. Posted by on 28-May-2016 15:39:35 GMT [0<--705]
Hi Brad, we've been working on a full suspension frame for a long time and continue to. It will be ready when it's ready :-)
Post #8 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 30-May-2016 12:16:47 GMT [705<--706]
Can I run a 120mm fork on this frame?
Post #9 of 195. Posted by on 08-Jul-2016 20:24:51 GMT [0<--786]
Yes you can. 100 or 120 mm both work well with the frame.
Post #10 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 09-Jul-2016 16:44:10 GMT [786<--787]
does a 120mm fork change the head angle? if so from 71.4 to what? thanks
Post #90 of 195. Posted by josh on 23-Mar-2017 15:42:02 GMT [787<--2623]
Hi Josh, it does change the head angle but more or less in the appropriate way, as with the longer fork you also want a slacker angle. The difference depends a bit on frame size, exact fork and fork set-up, but it's around 0.8 degrees slacker.
Post #91 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 23-Mar-2017 20:58:02 GMT [2623<--2625]
I have a question about the Open O-1.0 what are the specs the rear axle?
Post #11 of 195. Posted by Felix7 on 19-Jul-2016 05:15:49 GMT [0<--805]
The O-1.0 had 135mm quick release. The ONE+ has 142 x 12mm thru-axle.
Post #14 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Aug-2016 23:04:24 GMT [805<--834]
142x12??? The One+ is boost148?
Post #16 of 195. Posted by Adrian on 04-Aug-2016 11:00:43 GMT [834<--847]
Sorry, typing too quickly. Yes, 148x12.
Post #17 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 07-Aug-2016 10:50:30 GMT [847<--852]

what is the distance from upper end of the seattube to the SafePost Pilot hole? So: how deep the seatpost have to be into the seattube?

Post #12 of 195. Posted by on 31-Jul-2016 17:03:51 GMT [0<--830]
Post #13 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Aug-2016 23:03:34 GMT [830<--833]
Can I use a powermeter on the left crank arm on the Open One +. And if yes which crank with powermeter will fit?
Post #15 of 195. Posted by on 03-Aug-2016 22:26:54 GMT [0<--843]
I tried using a Stages carbon gxp and it didn't fit and wasn't even close...
Post #134 of 195. Posted by Jim on 26-Jan-2018 15:52:33 GMT [843<--9474]
Hi Gerard, I have a question regarding crank length for mountain bikes - a few years ago, a switch down to 170mm on my road and cross bikes had a huge benefit in terms of my comfort through opening the hip angle.
Given that a mountain bike position will inherently have a relatively open hip... is there a logic to keeping crank lengths the same across all bikes, or trying to gain leverage by riding a longer mtb Crank (ex. 175mm)?
I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
Post #18 of 195. Posted by on 14-Aug-2016 15:08:58 GMT [0<--869]
Looking at the available research, crank length seems to not follow any logical rules, so I can't possibly give you a correct answer. Trial and error is really all that works. However, you are correct that if your hip angle is a concern, it will be much more open on the mtb anyway so you wouldn't need a short crank to accomplish that. You could have a much, much longer crank and still have less of an acute hip angle.
Post #19 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-Aug-2016 00:00:13 GMT [869<--872]
Can i just say, as someone who's worked for multiple major bike brands, kudos for the amount of tech and the explanations as to the why's and how's you've given. showing roll outs for various wheelsizes? awesome. all of the geo FAQ's? Awesome. people should be fired up to buy your bikes.
Post #20 of 195. Posted by on 22-Aug-2016 16:18:27 GMT [0<--906]
Thanks, we appreciate the kudos!
Post #21 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 22-Aug-2016 18:56:24 GMT [906<--907]
The head tube angle is very steep. I ride a Scott Scale SL 900 and have gone over the handlebars several time especially on slow steep rocky downhills when the front wheel "hangs up" behind a rock. Doing the same downhill using a bike with slacker head angles does not send me over the handle bars easily. Is the steepness of the head tube angle not a concern with regards to especially the slow down hilling ability?
Post #22 of 195. Posted by on 31-Aug-2016 11:55:58 GMT [0<--926]
Not for us or any of our customers. What you are referring to is not a head-angle issue per se as much as it is related to front-center and the location of your center of gravity. Now, front-center can be related to the head angle but it doesn't have to be. For example our geometry is designed around a short stem, which increases the front-center without needing to slacken the head tube (which has all these other drawbacks).
Post #23 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 31-Aug-2016 16:11:00 GMT [926<--927]
will this frame fit 29x3.0 tires...specifically the maxxis chronicle
Post #24 of 195. Posted by on 11-Sep-2016 19:31:30 GMT [0<--964]
No, that would completely mess up the geometry (and require a much more stretched out frame, which in turn would mean it wouldn't have the perfect XC behaviour anymore. So you can fit 27.5x3.0" tires (or 29x2.4") as those have the same overall diameter and thus the same handling characteristics.
Post #25 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 13-Sep-2016 08:58:48 GMT [964<--965]
Is it possible to have two different wheel sets -- for example, a 29x2.0 xc race set and a 27.5x3.0 trail set -- and interchange them with relative ease? I guess I'd have to have identical hubs so rotors line up fairly well, with maybe some minor caliper adjustment? That would let me have a one-bike quiver! Possible?
Post #26 of 195. Posted by on 15-Sep-2016 22:33:36 GMT [0<--967]
Absolutely, that's what most of us do. Normally no caliper adjustment is needed, especially as you say if you have identical hubs and rotors.
Post #27 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Sep-2016 12:13:20 GMT [967<--972]
Thanks Gerard! I bought the 0-1.0 in January (Probike Supply) and while I'll probably buy the One+ frame soon, now I'm curious what the the different combinations are on my 0-1.0? I have 29x2.0 on there now for racing, but do you happen to know the max tire size for 29, and also if I put a 27.5 on, what do you think would fit? I'm guessing not much option since it's not a boost frame.
Post #28 of 195. Posted by Matt May on 25-Sep-2016 17:34:20 GMT [972<--991]
Hi Matt, you can't rally fit a 27.5 in the O-1.0, there is not the width to put a tire big enough to create the outside diameter that's close to the 29", if that makes sense. Basically in 29" and 27.5" you can faith same width tire in the frame, around 2.3-2.4" depending on the brand and the clearance you can tolerate, so then the 27.5" wheel is simply too small. It's not so easy to fit the 27.5x3" tires into a frame like this, that's why we had to work a long time on the ONE+.
Post #29 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 28-Sep-2016 19:36:38 GMT [991<--1006]
ONE+ here in come! Already have someone interested in buying my 0-1.0 frame so all is good.
Post #30 of 195. Posted by Matt on 29-Sep-2016 11:44:47 GMT [1006<--1009]
Hi Gerard, I've been riding/racing O-1.0 for about three years. I love it. Especially impressed with how durable it's been, (most of my frames break after a couple of season).
Thinking about one+ . If you want to interchange a set of 29er race wheels and some fun 27.5 3" tires, are you limited to a lefty fork ? What other options can you recommend?
Post #31 of 195. Posted by Al on 08-Oct-2016 01:42:40 GMT [1009<--1022]
Hi Al, not at all. There are many forks that will work. In fact the Lefty officially doesn't work, except that it does. But basically any fork that will work for 27.5x3" will also work for the 29er tires. That includes some regular forks and many Boost fork. I'm actually gathering fork info right now for a new blog in the next few weeks. But the good news is, there are more and more forks appearing that will work, as the Boost standard becomes the standard of choice.
Post #32 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 09-Oct-2016 14:51:29 GMT [1022<--1025]
Hi Gerard !
Do you think 29er wheel would work on 27.5er Lefty ?
Post #56 of 195. Posted by inbikewetrust on 16-Nov-2016 04:59:18 GMT [1025<--1180]
I would assume so, but I haven't tried it. They both have such close diameters that there really isn't any difference.
Post #57 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 18-Nov-2016 10:39:12 GMT [1180<--1183]
Andy and Gerard, how important is the fork offset? I have a SID, and most SIDs sold have 51mm offset.
Post #33 of 195. Posted by Matt on 14-Oct-2016 23:00:19 GMT [0<--1052]
Hi Matt, all SIDs also come in a 44-46mm offset, so that is the best version to get.
Post #35 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 15-Oct-2016 10:22:32 GMT [1052<--1055]
Gerard, the new SID World Cup boost version does NOT come in anything other than 51mm. I need to know if this is ok or does it completely destroy handling and geometry?
Post #44 of 195. Posted by Matt on 25-Oct-2016 16:53:34 GMT [1055<--1111]
Well, completely destroy are strong words but it's definitely not designed for it. The handling will be a bit quicker than intended, which you may or may not like depending on your personal preferences.
Post #46 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 27-Oct-2016 17:10:08 GMT [1111<--1116]
I just got word from Rockshox tech that they currently don't make a SID 44-46mm fork that will house both 29 and 27.5+. Only 51mm.
But I do see several 1+ bikes in the showcase with Rockshox? So are they running a 51mm offset or am I missing something here?
You also mentioned in a previous reply that you were working on a fork blog. Did the ever get posted?
Thanks for your help
Post #65 of 195. Posted by Bill Harris on 14-Jan-2017 01:24:19 GMT [1055<--1343]
There are various things at play nowadays with forks (not just SIDs). Sometimes a fork is not listed as 27.5+ compatible but they are anyway. Sometimes people use a different offset than we recommend. Sometimes they only ride it in XC set-up with 29x2.4" tires so they don't need the 27.5+ clearance. Sometimes it's a previous model year fork.

If you look at the October 2016 Bike Of The Month gallery (just a bit up from here is the Gallery section), you will see 27.5+ tires in a SID fork. The same in the November BOTM (although with a 26+ setup, not 27.5+ as it's a size Small).

And finally, what we're noticing this year is that more people are switching to the new Fox forks.
Post #66 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 15-Jan-2017 11:09:56 GMT [1343<--1344]
Gerald, do you have any opinion on ovalized rings, such as rotor?
Post #34 of 195. Posted by Nick on 15-Oct-2016 00:24:36 GMT [0<--1053]
Not really.
Post #36 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 15-Oct-2016 10:22:47 GMT [1053<--1056]
Andy and Gerard,
I took delivery of my ONE+ yesterday from Pro Bike Supply. You should be aware that what is in the box is NOT what you state above. When I opened the box, two things were missing: 1. there was only ONE derailleur hanger, not two. 2. there was no star nut, bolt or top cap for the headset. You need to be aware of this...very disappointing since it is an expensive frame and "headset" generally means "complete headset."
Post #37 of 195. Posted by Matt May on 16-Oct-2016 19:09:39 GMT [0<--1057]
Hi Matt, occasionally it happens that the second hanger is missed, though that's become quite rare. As for the star nut, the UP and ONE+ share the same headset except for the star nut (which is already pre-installed for the UP in a sleeve for its fork) so it seems you got one of those headsets. As you probably expected, Pro Bike Supply will take care of you for these two items.
Post #38 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-Oct-2016 20:47:51 GMT [1057<--1063]
hello. there is a relatively big gap between the m and l model regarding the seattube length. i would need the m frame but having very long legs (89 inseam, 1.80 high, short arms) the seatpost length (ca. 30 cm!) would look too absurd. will there come any size in between or can you offer something with ca. 47-48 mm seattube? thanks from germany
Post #39 of 195. Posted by heiko gastaldello on 20-Oct-2016 09:12:32 GMT [0<--1072]
Hi Heiko, why would the seatpost length look absurd at 30cm? That's pretty normal, you take a standard mountainbike seatpost at 42cm, 12cm inside the seat tube and 30cm outside of it. If you have any less sticking out of it, you'd become tempted to shorten the post. There definitely won't be a size in-between given that the step from M to L seems to work very well.
Post #40 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Oct-2016 10:32:02 GMT [1072<--1073]
Do you have a size chart, also where can I buy a frameset?
Post #41 of 195. Posted by Brian Bigeliw on 20-Oct-2016 21:41:39 GMT [0<--1077]
Hi there Brian, Yes, for the geo chart, just scroll up a bit. Our dealer list is also on the site, at the top right portion of the menu. Please let me know if you have any problems finding them.
Post #42 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Oct-2016 23:34:17 GMT [1077<--1078]
I will be part of Cape a EPIC 2017, the goal it is very simple , to be finisher and enjoy each day. I would like to up grade my unlimited version with more than 6,000 km . New SRAM eagle, what model do you suggest in order to have pleasent uphill and fast performance in the plane areas. Please let me keep simply my new aventure :)
Post #43 of 195. Posted by Guille on 25-Oct-2016 07:57:57 GMT [0<--1109]
Hi Guille, with the ONE+ you really have two options. If you're on the faster end, then the XC set-up with slightly bigger tires (2.4" wide) than you likely have now on your O-1.1 is the way to go. For ultimate comfort, best odds of climbing any surface and just a small penalty on the flats, you could go semi-fat with a 3.0" wide tire. The latter is what I plan to do at a future Epic, but I also know there are people who feel that's overkill. However, my reasoning is that you can never gain back the time on the flats that you loose on climbs or due to discomfort. And on the descents you may gain some times with the extra security of the wider tires too, and definitely you'll gain a lot of comfort.
Post #45 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 27-Oct-2016 17:07:15 GMT [1109<--1115]
can i use ordinary sized 2.2-2.3" tire on the S size (27.5)? i usually use 2.1 x 2.0 but 2.2-2.3 is okay..
and can i use non boost fork? i already have 15x100 fork that i wanna use. does it change the way it ride? (to use boost on the rear and QR15 on the front)
Kind Regards.
Post #47 of 195. Posted by Danpyo on 29-Oct-2016 09:37:47 GMT [0<--1126]
so basicly it will be like this.
12x142 ; 15x100 with 2.2 tire.
120mm fork
80mm -12deg stem.
740mm bar
Post #48 of 195. Posted by danpyo on 29-Oct-2016 10:15:05 GMT [1126<--1127]
Hi Danpyo, you can use anything from a 2.0-2.4" wide tire in 27.5" on the size S frame. For the front fork, you can use Boost or non-Boost, as you wish, it doesn't matter. The other specifications of the fork, so the brand and model, are much more important to determine what you like than if it's Boost or not.

The rear is Boost so that is 12x148, not 12x142 a you wrote in your second message (that's the whole principle of Boost).
Post #49 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 30-Oct-2016 06:28:10 GMT [1126<--1128]
hai gerard&andy.
thanks for the reply it really helps :D
i have fox, but i wanna get my hands on GERMAN-A XCITE Zero fork
crown to axel : 512mm (27,5Zoll / 120mm)
there's no further spec available for the fork.

can i ask for your opinion?
i never tried a mtb below 9kg. is it really okay to build around 6.2 - 6.6kg (with pedal) for XC MTB (light xc and trail use only)?
i found that even the pro bike only weigh around 7-8kg
is lighter always better on XC bike? when will the bike becomes too light? whats your weight reccomendation?
sorry for asking so many question :D
really love your frame. <3
Post #50 of 195. Posted by danpyo on 31-Oct-2016 01:03:56 GMT [1128<--1132]
Yes, lighter is always better IF (and that's a big IF) you do not give up performance through a lack of stiffness or strength. The ONE+ is stiff and strong first, and light second. Now, building up a bike to 6.2kg is not easy, you'll need some very special parts for that. Regarding the fork, I try to follow German A a little bit but the steerer design used to be the biggest issue (no 1.5" steerer on the lightest forks when almost all frames are now that way). But I am sure they are catching up.
Post #51 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Nov-2016 19:36:08 GMT [1132<--1140]
hai gerard&andy.. what choice of color do you have? can i customized it? i found gold and silver(white) in your pictures.. is there any other option?
thankyou have a nice day. :)
Post #58 of 195. Posted by Danpyo on 20-Nov-2016 20:39:10 GMT [1140<--1221]
Hi there, the only color is matte black with white logo (it may have appeared silver in the photo). The gold logo was a one-off for SRAM's introduction of the gold Eagle group.
Post #59 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 21-Nov-2016 05:15:33 GMT [1221<--1223]
Hello gerard. what is the maximum size of the chainring i can use for ONE+ frame? can i use Road Chainring? 50 or 52t.
Post #75 of 195. Posted by Danpyo on 30-Jan-2017 22:00:39 GMT [1223<--1430]
Hi Dan, you cannot use a road size chainring on the ONE+, it would interfere with the chainstays. We really maximize the size of the chain stay between that crank and the tire clearance, so no room for a 50t chainring. That's really what the U.P. is for.
Post #76 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 31-Jan-2017 10:14:05 GMT [1430<--1436]
What is the maximum size for chain rings then, can it take 42t?
Post #77 of 195. Posted by Max on 01-Feb-2017 01:00:11 GMT [1436<--1445]
a xx1 eagle 38t does not fit, 36t is the max
Post #81 of 195. Posted by theo on 10-Feb-2017 05:04:54 GMT [1445<--1461]
What about a 2x setup?
Post #83 of 195. Posted by Max on 10-Feb-2017 13:03:50 GMT [1461<--1464]
I am 1.83 mts, what size should fit me perfectly, M or L?? Thanks
Post #52 of 195. Posted by Christopher on 01-Nov-2016 21:09:00 GMT [0<--1142]
Hi Christopher, best to send me the info about your current frame (make/model/size/year) via the form at right and I can take a closer look for you.
Post #53 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 02-Nov-2016 10:07:36 GMT [1142<--1146]
I have a specialized Epic FSR 2016 in size Large...
Post #54 of 195. Posted by Christopher Portugal on 02-Nov-2016 15:26:55 GMT [1146<--1153]
Hi Christopher, that frame is within millimeters of the ONE+ in Large, so presuming you like the fit of that Specialized, you'll also like the fit of our Large.
Post #55 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 05-Nov-2016 03:09:54 GMT [1153<--1159]
Hello Gerard,

Is there an option for a 29r frame in size S? Also, does it fit a Stages (Shimano XTR) powermeter?

Thank you
Post #60 of 195. Posted by David R on 22-Nov-2016 16:03:45 GMT [0<--1230]
Nope, only an ill-fitting frame and we wouldn't want to build that. An old-style Stages pwoermeter won't fit.
Post #61 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 24-Nov-2016 05:09:05 GMT [1230<--1233]
Hi Gerard, the One+ looks like a terrific bike and is definitely top of my list for next bike project. I was wondering if you offer some opportunity for frame customisation. When I say customisation, I am not after too much since the bike does almost all we could ask. I was wondering though if it would be possible to have it with an extra bottle cage mounts under the downtube to be able to carry a 3rd bottle and maybe more mounts on the top tube for a small bag to fit food in. Very much like what the Open UP allows. This way the bike could be a CX weapon with 29" wheels, a fun trail bike with 27+ wheels or an adventure bike with 27+ wheels, a saddle pack, a frame bag and room for more water bottles and food. Any chance to see that in the future or have it as a special request?
Post #62 of 195. Posted by pierre rehlinger on 26-Dec-2016 00:49:14 GMT [0<--1276]
Hi Pierre, thanks for the feedback. All reasonable and logical requests, but I don't think we'll be able to do that. We're desperately trying to keep things "relentlessly simple", otherwise we don't get to do the things that are crucial to keep OPEN the way it should be.
Post #63 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 28-Dec-2016 06:08:55 GMT [1276<--1282]
No problem Gerard. I thought I would try my luck. Still a fantastic bike. Cheers.
Post #64 of 195. Posted by pierre rehlinger on 28-Dec-2016 14:57:57 GMT [1282<--1287]
I'm one of the first mountain bikers in Italy: I bought the first in 1985. I followed all the developments by steel frames with rigid fork until full suspension (Rocky Mountain Instinct). I live in Piedmont in the Alps and I've always loved the technical descents along the mountain trails.
I am very attracted to your bike but I have a doubt about the choice of a new bicycle. I would like to buy a fat bike but I do not know if this choice is valid for use on mountain trails not in winter. Based on your experience what do you recommend?
Post #67 of 195. Posted by Giorgio on 26-Jan-2017 07:42:36 GMT [0<--1409]
I love riding a fat bike, but only in specific conditions. For me the favourite is snow, and another one can be the beach (but depending on the flood line and where you are allowed to ride, it's not always needed there). Riding a fat bike on normal trails I never found that appealing, it just feels slow without any of the benefits. That's mostly because of the tires, but also because the cranks usually have a wider Q factor, the whole bike is a lot heavier as there isn't that much technology in the frame and some other parts, etc.

This is why we designed the ONE+. The semi-fat tires around 3" wide still roll really well, give great grip and a lot of comfort. For me it's the perfect size for a lot of riding styles, including racing on really tough terrain. And of course by combining those tires with a super light frame you keep that agility that a really good XC bike should have. Then put the XC tires on and it's a rocket.

Hope that helps.
Post #68 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 26-Jan-2017 09:17:24 GMT [1409<--1410]
Thanks Gerard. another question about the fork, it is possible to mount a rigid fork using 27.5 "x 3.8" wheels (my preference), or it is better to mount a rigid fork as Rock Shock Bluto?
Post #69 of 195. Posted by giorgio on 26-Jan-2017 10:11:51 GMT [1410<--1413]
You can definitely mount a rigid fork for a bigger front tire, as long as you understand you can't fit that 3.8" in the rear.
Post #70 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 26-Jan-2017 10:19:14 GMT [1413<--1414]
So on the back I have to mount a 27.5 x 3 "? And 'it possible to fit a rigid fork with a tire 27,5x3"? Thanks
Post #71 of 195. Posted by giorgio on 26-Jan-2017 11:49:50 GMT [1414<--1415]
Well, it all depends on the REAL dimensions as opposed to the stated dimensions. We have a 3.5" tire that is actually less than 3" wide, narrower than some other tires labeled 3", so it's also possible that a 3.8" fits as long as the company that makes them is very good at lying about the width. As for a rigid fork with a 3" tire, absolutely that works.
Post #72 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 26-Jan-2017 12:24:02 GMT [1415<--1417]
Thank you so much Gerard. A last question: your offering include a rigid fork to be mounted on the ONE +. If not, what fork you recommend?
Post #73 of 195. Posted by giors62 on 27-Jan-2017 05:14:04 GMT [1417<--1423]
The rigid fork we offers fits 29er tires but not 27.5+. I don't really have a fork I can recommend for that set-up, they exist but I don't have enough experience riding all of them to really recommend one.
Post #74 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 27-Jan-2017 11:54:05 GMT [1423<--1426]
look at the traversbike xc prong vork there is a possibility to mount a extra water bottle.
Post #82 of 195. Posted by theo on 10-Feb-2017 05:07:55 GMT [1409<--1462]
After riding a mates One+ with the 27.5 3" tyres I am looking to get one myself and convert it to a single speed and we've work out a ratio which will work (it's how I run my current SS) but just wondering if you have had any feedback from others to convert. Also I race with a dropper post (I just drink less water) will the frame have any issues with such a thing and if to your knowledge what's the most suitable one for your frame?
Post #78 of 195. Posted by James on 04-Feb-2017 04:20:16 GMT [0<--1451]
No problem running a dropper post, Not sure what you mean about the water but anyway, you can run an internal cable for it and use the cable stop in the head tube (just drill it out for a full housing instead of a stop). KS makes some nice posts for 27.2mm diameter.

I don't have any particular feedback from others who have converted, sorry.
Post #79 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 07-Feb-2017 02:48:57 GMT [1451<--1454]
The Water reference was to the weight of the dropper vs normal seat post :)
Yes was looking at the KS's and at around 450gms not too much of a weight issue
Hopefully I can be the first then to give feedback as a single speed - will look awesome as well as being light and nimble.
Post #80 of 195. Posted by James on 07-Feb-2017 03:58:23 GMT [1454<--1455]
I saw a Open One + with LEFTY as a show bike?http://www.ulti...
would it cost to buy a bike like this complete (size M)?
Can one purchase a bike with this spec complete from an OPEN dealer?
I love it!
Post #84 of 195. Posted by Martin Pulli on 28-Feb-2017 14:34:33 GMT [0<--1526]
Hi Martin, you can usually buy any spec from OPEN dealers. We sell the frames and select parts, our dealers custom-build them in collaboration with you, the customer. So if that build is what you want, they can definitely do that, or more likely, you would use this as a starting point and in discussions with your OPEN dealer, they'd make a version of this that is really tailored to you.

I don't know the exact price of this build because we never spec out full bikes ourselves, but obviously with the Lefty, ENVE wheels and Eagle it's at the top end of the range so pushing a bit past 10k. You can find a lot more photos of that bike in the GALLERY section of the ONE+ page at
Post #85 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 28-Feb-2017 17:28:16 GMT [1526<--1527]
Hi Gerard, the following questions
- I now have a canyon exceed XC bike - what would you expect to be the major differences in riding behavior between the ONE+ and exceed?
- what is the average delivery time of a size L
- I ride with an XX1 eagle group-set, but with either a 34 or 36 chainring. Does the frame geometry allow for mounting a chainring up to 36?

Post #86 of 195. Posted by Michiel van der veen on 04-Mar-2017 15:10:22 GMT [0<--1566]
Hi Michiel, I don't really discuss the pros and cons of other products, many bike companies make nice products. As for the delivery time, we try to have all models in all sizes in stock at all times (after the initial introduction period where demand is always much higher than supply). XX1 with a 36t ring is no problem for the ONE+.
Post #87 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 05-Mar-2017 18:25:40 GMT [1566<--1570]
Can the One+ be configured as a single speed? I'm interested in building up a fast, super lite bike.
Post #88 of 195. Posted by Mark on 09-Mar-2017 20:10:11 GMT [0<--1588]
With a tensioner, yes.
Post #89 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-Mar-2017 12:13:09 GMT [1588<--1592]
Can one not use an EBB instead of a tensioner?
Post #185 of 195. Posted by Wil Bloodworth on 06-Feb-2019 19:33:06 GMT [1592<--18231]
No, you need a much bigger BB shell diameter to fit an eccentric bottom bracket inside.
Post #187 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 07-Feb-2019 02:25:20 GMT [18231<--18233]
Hi guys, I have the you have any technical tips on replacing my rear shifter cable without removing the bottom bracket? Possible? Otherwise, it's a real pain, obviously.
Post #92 of 195. Posted by Matthew on 24-Mar-2017 10:26:00 GMT [0<--2632]
It's possible. Remove the housing and cable stop from the back of the cable, so now you have a 5mm hole in the frame for a 2mm cable, so plenty to work with. Tape a second cable or piece of string or whatever to the cable and start pulling it through the frame towards the head tube.

When you have enough slack on the original cable at the front, remove the headset cable insert (the MultiStop and keep pulling the cable until it comes out the head tube (it won't go through the MultiStop but it won't have to once that is removed from the frame cavity).

Now the string is completely through the frame, you can separate it from the cable, string the new cable through your MultiStop, tape it to the string, and pull it back through the frame towards the rear derailleur.

Hope that helps.
Post #93 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 25-Mar-2017 23:30:29 GMT [2632<--2646]
Thanks Gerard, I understand the general concept. It becomes difficult when you consider the bottom bracket cable guide and the pink liner sleeves, which certainly will not accept two cables. Perhaps since EVERYONE at some point will need to replace a gear cable, this is an opportunity for a tech video showing what you describe above.
Post #94 of 195. Posted by Matt on 26-Mar-2017 11:04:33 GMT [2646<--2651]
Correct, but then it depends on the BB. If the BB has a full sleeve, then it is difficult. If it is an open (not the brand, I just mean open as opposed to closed) BB, then all you need to remove is the crank.
Post #95 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 27-Mar-2017 12:32:49 GMT [2651<--2658]
Indeed it is Raceface full sleeve. Oh well. On another note can I buy more of that soft foam tubing from you? I live near your distributor Serious Cycling in Agoura, CA but they didn't have any when I asked.
Post #96 of 195. Posted by Matt on 27-Mar-2017 20:16:50 GMT [2658<--2665]
Do you have a sizing guide for the One+. I am deciding between the M and the L frame, and while I understand there can be overlap I wanted to see what your factory guidelines are. I am 6'1" with a normal inseam and want to use this bike for XC racing. Thank you very much!
Post #97 of 195. Posted by Todd on 29-Mar-2017 00:46:25 GMT [0<--2678]
I'm looking to buy a OPEN-1.0; I'm 6'1 (184cm) tall. My fit gives me a standover height of 795 and a toptube lenght of 660. Want to work with a 100mm stem, 130mm saddle and a 100mm lefty. My objective is light XC and long smooth rides. Should i go for a M or L size. Thanks alot!!
Post #98 of 195. Posted by Sevastian on 05-Apr-2017 19:51:54 GMT [0<--2770]
That's hard to say, toptube length is really not accurate if it is not specified together with a seat tube angle. Otherwise changing the seat tube angle moves the toptube forwards and back, which therefore also moves the head tube and the effective fit. And I am not sure what a 130mm saddle would be?
Post #99 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 06-Apr-2017 09:28:52 GMT [2770<--2773]

Is there a weight restriction for this model?

Best regards Mike
Post #100 of 195. Posted by Mike on 18-Apr-2017 14:54:53 GMT [0<--3797]
Nope, but for heavier riders it is important to make smart component choices. So feel free to contact us directly with the link on the left to discuss options.
Post #101 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 21-Apr-2017 14:21:49 GMT [3797<--3799]
Hi, is possible to use on ONE 1.0 or ONE+ sram crankset with 156mm q-factor?
Post #102 of 195. Posted by Milan on 29-Apr-2017 18:30:14 GMT [0<--3827]
The 1.0 is no longer made, but some people used the 156mm crank on there. It's tight though. The ONE+ uses a BOOST crank and SRAM does not make that in 156mm.
Post #105 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 03-May-2017 12:20:15 GMT [3827<--3833]
At 5'7.5'' would you recommend a size Small or Medium frame?
Post #103 of 195. Posted by Patrick Blair on 02-May-2017 10:45:06 GMT [0<--3830]
Hi Patrick, just send me some information on your current hardtail (brand, model, size, model year) or full suspension bike and your stem (length, angle, spacers under the stem) and we can look at your options. Just use the CONTACT form on the left edge of this page, that's the quickest.
Post #104 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 03-May-2017 12:19:15 GMT [3830<--3832]
Hi, a question. If i paint a black one+ frame (not a RTP one) it wil have the same warranty?
Post #106 of 195. Posted by VIctor on 15-May-2017 14:12:36 GMT [0<--4850]
That all depends if the painter knows what he/she is doing. Removing the current paint can damage the frame if done improperly, so we don't recommend it until really done by a specialist.
Post #107 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-May-2017 04:48:03 GMT [4850<--4851]
Lack of size XL is inexcusable, considering how many top level racers are 6'1" or better. Hardtails are obsolete in top-level XC racing. Old-school twitchy geometry is obsolete. I see many criticisms of top-level companies that your founders have worked for, but I see a lot of navel-gazing at OPEN.
Post #108 of 195. Posted by William Gray on 24-Jul-2017 00:53:59 GMT [0<--6949]
Thanks for your feedback William. In fact there are plenty of riders 6'1 and up, including both Andy and I. And we don't miss the XL. Not sure what criticisms you are referring to, nor navel-gazing, but you're entitled to your opinion of course.
Post #109 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 24-Jul-2017 15:51:18 GMT [6949<--6953]
What was the difference between the O-1.0 and O-1.1 frames?
What is the maximum tyre size for he O-1 frames?
Does it make sense the build the O-1 frame with 27.5 2.4" wheels?
Post #110 of 195. Posted by Karl on 20-Aug-2017 10:46:14 GMT [0<--6992]
Hello OPEN! Former Cervelo fan and owner that prefers mtb over road. Just picked up a One+ and I'm now getting parts for it. I love the versatility of the frame for 27.5+ and 29" wheels. I'm going to star out by building it as a 29 race machine and I'm thinking of going with an Enve carbon 29er rigid fork. Are there any issues I should be aware of w axle to crown height changing the geometry or handling or if that's something you just don't recommend. I'm also considering setting it as a single speed, do you have a tensioner that you recommend?
Post #111 of 195. Posted by Russell on 03-Sep-2017 19:17:11 GMT [0<--7035]
hi Russell, you can definitely put a rigid fork on it. These forks are usually sized to take up the space of an 80-100mm travel fork, so that should be all fine. As for a tensioner, I really don't know one I could recommend, I simply don't know enough about them. Sorry.
Post #112 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 04-Sep-2017 17:22:38 GMT [7035<--7039]
Best tensioner made: https://www.pau...oner/
Post #186 of 195. Posted by Wil Bloodworth on 06-Feb-2019 19:34:07 GMT [7035<--18232]
I want to run a fox factory 120m 34 on your +29 hardtail with 29 eve wheels/Maxxis Ardent 2.35 29er tires. Does the geometry make sense?
Post #113 of 195. Posted by Jeff on 07-Sep-2017 00:39:22 GMT [0<--7043]
Hi Jeff, yes, geometry-wise that would make sense.
Post #114 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 11-Sep-2017 13:54:39 GMT [7043<--7053]
Also, I'm currently riding at L 1.0 bike...would I also be a L on the new + bike?
Post #115 of 195. Posted by jeff on 11-Sep-2017 21:02:33 GMT [7053<--7055]
Hi Jeff, that depends a bit on your whole set-up. Just send me some info on your stem length, stem angle, spacers under the stem, etc via the CONTACT form on the left and we can figure that out.
Post #116 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 11-Sep-2017 21:46:01 GMT [7055<--7057]
Can you use S size for 29er?
Post #117 of 195. Posted by Muhammad Alhaqi on 15-Sep-2017 01:12:21 GMT [0<--7068]
No. In fact you cannot really use ANY small frame for a 29er. Small 29er frames from most manufacturers are simply too big, you'll often see they have the same stack value for Small as Medium (or very close) because it's simply impossible to go lower over a 29er front wheel than you already would for a Medium. So a Small 29er is usually simply a poorly fitting Medium frame.
Post #118 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-Sep-2017 22:48:17 GMT [7068<--7069]
What is the seat post torque for the O-1.0?
Post #119 of 195. Posted by Karen Dreher on 18-Sep-2017 13:35:31 GMT [0<--7075]
Will a SRAM Eagle XX1 SRM fit on the One +?
It is boost and GXP spindle.
What bb and spacer combination would allow the backside of the powermeter to clear the frame and still have enough spindle for the non-drive side?
Post #120 of 195. Posted by John on 22-Sep-2017 12:09:26 GMT [0<--7082]
Hi John, to be honest, we don't know, we have not tried. We did check with several retailers but they don't seem to know either. Obviously the regular Eagle crank does fit and the minimal clearance is at the ring, not the spider, but I think the power unit needs quite a bit extra space. That's why we prefer the RaceFace crank but obviously given the monopolistic package deal of Eagle, that's a bit of a problem.
Post #121 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 30-Sep-2017 18:16:12 GMT [7082<--7113]

What fork could you recoment for 27,5x3.0 wheels except the Lefty ?
Post #123 of 195. Posted by Björn on 07-Nov-2017 15:12:55 GMT [0<--7163]
Hi Bjorn, we really do like the Lefty but this is our second-favourite fork for 27.5x3": https://opencyc...D78B8
Post #124 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-Nov-2017 07:31:09 GMT [7163<--7171]
Hello. If in the sale frame size XL ? Thank you
Post #125 of 195. Posted by Dmitriy on 11-Nov-2017 03:11:15 GMT [0<--7178]
Hi Dmitriy, there is no sale?
Post #126 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 11-Nov-2017 15:48:33 GMT [7178<--7179]
I just purchased the One+ and intend to run it 29 and 27.5+. My head is hurting trying to figure out what fork will work. I prefer something with a remote lockout (would love di2 IRD but don't think that's an option). You mentioned in a prior post you would include a list of forks in a blog. Any news on that? Or can you point me in right direction for a Rock Shox or Fox fork? Thanks!
Post #127 of 195. Posted by Jim on 20-Nov-2017 21:16:59 GMT [0<--7215]
Hi Jim, one of the best one to fit is the Rock Shox SID (incl Worldcup) that is available as OneLoc Remote also.
Post #128 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 21-Nov-2017 08:27:18 GMT [7215<--7217]
Is it neccesary to paint the RTP frames? i.e. does the carbon fiber need sealing? If you use your own painter, how will you be able to get the nice OPEN graphics?
Post #129 of 195. Posted by Dave on 27-Nov-2017 02:08:07 GMT [0<--7260]
Hi Dave, we always recommend at least a clear coat for the RTP frame. As for the decals, we usually work with the painter to get them the correct artwork and color codes.
Post #130 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 27-Nov-2017 15:06:29 GMT [7260<--7261]
Hi Gerard,
Just starting to build my Open ONE + M frame and wanted your feedback on the fork I'm purchasing. I'm looking at the Fox 100mm Step Cast fork and they have 3 Rake Options 39mm, 44mm, and 51mm. Can you recommend which one works best?
Post #131 of 195. Posted by John Brittingham on 10-Jan-2018 15:34:03 GMT [0<--8388]
i have a canyon xl mtb ,but i want a open do you think the large fits , I'm 1,94 cm tall
Post #132 of 195. Posted by adrian on 22-Jan-2018 14:51:00 GMT [0<--8445]
Correct, our Large is quite large compared to most so more like an XL for most other companies.
Post #133 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 23-Jan-2018 10:43:18 GMT [8445<--8449]
Does the RTP new UP need a coat before riding? Or ready to ride?
Post #135 of 195. Posted by eric on 15-Feb-2018 21:48:06 GMT [0<--10508]
Dear Gerard, Do you know if the Open One+ is Compatible with power2max power meter and XX1 SRAM crank?
Post #136 of 195. Posted by Thomas on 12-Mar-2018 10:14:27 GMT [0<--10578]
Hi Gerard, I have a ONE+. The bike is lovely and fast. I’ve been having loads of fun riding it in all kinds of crazy weather this winter in the Niagara escarpment.

One question: I’ve had to re-dish both my rear wheels slightly to the right to equalize the gap between the rubber and the chain stays. Is this normal with this frame?

Thanks for your candor and insights. It’s inspiring to see your dedication to relentless, real innovation.
Post #137 of 195. Posted by Anees Munshi on 04-Apr-2018 23:14:13 GMT [0<--10644]
Hi Anees, sorry for the late reply. Gerard is moving right now... There might be a small difference because of the asymmetric stay but I should not be huge. What tire/rim combination are you using ?
Post #138 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 10-Apr-2018 07:43:45 GMT [10644<--10648]
Hi Andy,

It was a pleasure to meet Gerard in Toronto.

I’ve got two wheel sets: 29” Stans Valor’s shod with Specialized FastTrak 2.3”, and 27.5” Stans Barons shod with Specialized Purgatory 3.0”.

Both wheels were redished about 3mm towards the drive side.

You’re right that the asymmetrical stays make it hard to gauge centricity. However prior to re-dishing I would have snow buildup on the non-drive side stay until tire clearance went to zero while the drive side was quite clear. Ditto for mud. Visually as well, looking down from the saddle it appeared that the clearance was reduced on the left side. Redishing has solved this issue completely.

But I was curious as to whether it’s my frame or a design thing. Thought I would bring it to your attention.

This is a fantastic bike by the way. Last weekend my friend Ron and I (Ron has a One+ as well — ask Gerard about the Double Dutch photo :) — rode The Steaming Nostril and our bikes would win the muddiest bikes ever competition!

Thanks again for all that you do.
Post #139 of 195. Posted by Anees Munshi on 14-Apr-2018 09:52:36 GMT [10648<--11670]
Hello, I would like to install a chain guide on my open 0-1.0. Which one would you install? Or would you ride without? Thx
Post #140 of 195. Posted by Lino Niville on 23-Apr-2018 05:05:12 GMT [0<--11718]
Size Question. I'm 185 cm tall and all my mountain bikes have been a large size; stack around 625mm reach around 435. Would you recommend sizing down to a medium with a longer stem or size up to a large with a shorter stem? As you stated in another response, the size large is more like an XL for most brands. I'd probably lean toward a 29er setup first.
Post #141 of 195. Posted by William on 23-Apr-2018 18:56:30 GMT [0<--11720]
Hi, good day. I'm just today ordering a ONE+ from Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz, California, and am very excited. Working with a highly skilled fitter to build my bike. I have a couple questions.

I don't do jumps, drops or rock gardens. I just like trail riding either single track or fire roads, but many of them where I ride are very bumpy and rocky, with trails hard as stone, with rain ruts. My intention is run initially setup my bike with 27.5 x 2.8" tires, with either 29 or 35mm inner width wheels. Is this within the intended use that this frame was built?

Secondly, is OPEN an acronym (because it has all upper-case letters)? What is the origin of the name (if it's not proprietary)?

Thank you, and I'm really excited to be soon riding an OPEN!
Post #142 of 195. Posted by Ron on 28-May-2018 15:09:33 GMT [0<--12755]
Hello Gerard- I recently received an amazing gift from a friend. His 0-1.0 which I would drool over every time I would ride with him. It is the frame only, and as much as I would have loved to bought one new it was out of my range. But now i have my dream bike and would like to build it right. I do have a few questions perhaps you may be able to assist me with. I’d like to build this with a rigid fork, I’ve seen builds with 3T leutus, Enve MTB, and Whisky Parts Co. What would be the best one to go with? Also when it comes to the sweep what should I be looking for? This is a size M. I know the newer model is a 27.5 for wheels, but would it perform very different if I was to keep this in the 27.5 or should I keep it at 29? Thank you!
Post #143 of 195. Posted by Daniel on 06-Jun-2018 23:54:03 GMT [0<--12758]
Hi, I recently received an amazing gift from a friend. His 0-1.0 which I would drool over every time I would ride with him. It is the frame only, and as much as I would have loved to bought one new it was out of my range. But now i have my dream bike and would like to build it right. I do have a few questions perhaps you may be able to assist me with. I’d like to build this with a rigid fork, I’ve seen builds with 3T leutus, Enve MTB, and Whisky Parts Co. What would be the best one to go with? Also when it comes to the rake what should I be looking for? This is a size M. I know the newer model is compatible with both 29 and 27.5 wheels, but would it perform very different if I was to keep this in the 27.5 or should I keep it at 29?
Post #144 of 195. Posted by Daniel on 07-Jun-2018 01:28:58 GMT [0<--12759]
I measure 178 cm, which frame size to choose? M or L
thank you.
Post #145 of 195. Posted by Marc on 11-Jun-2018 09:31:40 GMT [12759<--12791]
For open + frame
Post #146 of 195. Posted by Marc on 11-Jun-2018 09:32:15 GMT [12791<--12792]
Good afternoon.
I'm from Brazil sao paulo.
What is the value of the Bike Open?
Do you deliver to Brazil?
Marco Viana
Post #147 of 195. Posted by Marco Viana on 18-Jun-2018 17:18:32 GMT [0<--13840]
Hi Marco, thanks for the interest in this frame. Can you please send me a mail with your address to
Post #148 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 22-Jun-2018 05:42:30 GMT [13840<--13843]
Hi, Can you paint a One+ frame in the UP blue colour? I could build a beautiful bike around that!
Post #149 of 195. Posted by Chris on 13-Jul-2018 18:18:22 GMT [0<--13905]
Hi Chris, we have a painter we work with closely who can do that. Send me a mail if you are interested
Post #152 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 23-Jul-2018 07:02:18 GMT [13905<--13918]
Hi Andy.
Thanks for the response. I'm definitely interested. Could your painter produce a highly customised paintjob, beyond the UP blue colour? Can I select a colour and possibly some detailing, e.g. pin-striping? If not, UP blue sounds good to me. My goal is to build a very special bike to ride Ley-Menali. Thanks, Chris
Post #153 of 195. Posted by Chris Ecob on 29-Jul-2018 14:42:16 GMT [13918<--13922]
Hi Chris, sorry was a week in vacation. Yes they can do crazy things. No limit to what they are able to do
Post #154 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 06-Aug-2018 09:49:50 GMT [13922<--13933]
Can I fit an *ovalized* 36t chainring? The spec calls for a maximum of 36t, but ovalized rings appear to have a greater maximum diameter than the equivalent round chainring (I don't know this for certain, but I have seen a side-by-side photo that suggests it). Would a 36t ovalized chainring still fit?

Post #150 of 195. Posted by Anees Munshi on 21-Jul-2018 20:27:24 GMT [0<--13916]
Hi Anees, I have just send you a mail with the answer
Post #151 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 23-Jul-2018 07:01:46 GMT [13916<--13917]
is it possible to run a Kind Shock LEV Integra 272 dropper post in your frame?
thanks Daniel
Post #155 of 195. Posted by Daniel on 02-Sep-2018 03:24:57 GMT [0<--13977]
Hi, I'm super impressed by this frame and am wondering if I could install my Lefty 2.0 XLR onto it. Looks like the head tube length is exactly 97mm on the Lefty and One+ which gives me some hope. I saw one of your demo bikes with a previous generation of Lefty but would like to confirm since Lefty 2.0 is spec-ed differently. Thanks!
Post #156 of 195. Posted by Kai on 03-Sep-2018 21:02:47 GMT [0<--13980]
Hi Kai, you would need to use a very thin top cover like the ones for example from slamthatstem...
Post #160 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 11-Sep-2018 10:30:12 GMT [13980<--13997]
Hey Andy, thanks for confirming. I’ve got one more question on the steerer though. Does the Lefty 2.0 need any special steerer like the Leonardi one I linked below? I believe the diameters of both clamp are the same. Thanks a lot!
- ONE+ headset std: Integrated Tapered IS42/28.6 | IS52/40. Headtube length = 97.0 mm
- Lefty 2.0 headtube length = 97.0 mm. Clamp spacing = 100.2 mm
- Leonardi OPI Tube 1" 1/8
Post #162 of 195. Posted by Kai on 24-Sep-2018 21:59:57 GMT [13997<--15006]
Need to correct that link I posted:
Post #163 of 195. Posted by Kai on 24-Sep-2018 22:02:11 GMT [15006<--15007]
Hi Andy, as for the steerer tube, I think I found one that would work with size M One+ and Lefty 2.0. Could you please confirm that? https://project...pter/ Please disregard my comments about the Leonardi tube. Thanks!
Post #165 of 195. Posted by Kai on 01-Oct-2018 15:42:10 GMT [13997<--15012]
Hi Kai, I have never used that so to be honest I can not really give you an answer... sorry
Post #166 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 03-Oct-2018 07:03:46 GMT [15012<--15016]
Hello, I just want to have a look at the product page of the O 1.0 - but I couldn't find it. Please send me the link.
Thanx, gue
Post #157 of 195. Posted by gue on 07-Sep-2018 17:13:19 GMT [0<--13985]
Hi Guess, this is a frame we are not selling anymore thats why its not online. What would you need to know. Send me a mail with the contact form on the left side
Post #161 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 11-Sep-2018 10:31:32 GMT [13985<--13998]
Servus Andy!
..had a look at the link you sent, thanx. Since Saturday I have been an owner of an O-1.0. ....and I am proud of it! My Open is incredible light compared to my previous bike - a fully. I really can feel it. :-) Ciao gue
Post #164 of 195. Posted by Günter Berger on 25-Sep-2018 16:27:47 GMT [13998<--15008]
Hallo Günter, happy trails
Post #167 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 03-Oct-2018 07:15:25 GMT [15008<--15023]
Post #158 of 195. Posted by John on 09-Sep-2018 16:04:23 GMT [0<--13986]
Post #159 of 195. Posted by John on 10-Sep-2018 20:22:33 GMT [0<--13988]
I am 1.82m tall and ride ride a Speciliazed Epic Expert medium - the seat post is 30cm and the stem is 9cm . I have an Open UP large frame and I am quite comfortable on it. Should I consider a large or medium ONE+?
Post #168 of 195. Posted by PE Guy on 19-Oct-2018 04:45:38 GMT [0<--16041]
I am 178cm and ride a L O-1.0. I am really happy with the size.
Post #182 of 195. Posted by gue on 23-Jan-2019 12:35:59 GMT [16041<--18199]
Hi guys, as this bike is about lightness: any idea for a rigid carbon fork which will make it really lightweight package? Meant for xc racing on hardpack mainly. So suspension delivered by the tires will be sufficient.
Thanks. David
Post #169 of 195. Posted by David on 07-Nov-2018 15:54:42 GMT [0<--16084]
Hi Andy,
Can you please confirm is this bottom bracket is ok for the new U.P. frame set ?

this crank ?https://www.bik...
regards Paulo
Post #170 of 195. Posted by Paulo on 09-Nov-2018 07:10:13 GMT [0<--16085]
EVO386 SRAM GXP and Red 2x11-speed Crank GXP
Post #171 of 195. Posted by Paulo on 09-Nov-2018 07:11:17 GMT [16085<--16086]
What is the smallest Q-factor crank that I can run on this frame? (e.g. - 156 mm, 165 mm, etc). Thanks!
Post #172 of 195. Posted by Pedro Acosta on 12-Dec-2018 15:19:11 GMT [0<--16135]
Hi Pedro, you will need a boost crank for that frame. Any boost should work but there are none with narrow Q-Factor to my knowledge
Post #173 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 17-Dec-2018 04:01:37 GMT [16135<--16146]
Boost cranks can also be just "Boost Chainrings" -- I have "boost" spacing on my Rocky Mountain Element but run 156 mm Q-factor cranks. It's spec'd with ~165 mm Q-factor cranks, but the clearance at the chain stays allows a 156 mm Q-factor crank (which I run). My son's Santa Cruz Tallboy is also boost spacing, but the chain stays won't allow 156 mm Q-factor cranks -- 165 mm Q-factor is the smallest that would fit. Both the Element and the Tall Boy have exactly the same chainline, but different Q-factors. Does that clarify what I'm asking? What's the smallest Q-factor (sure, it's gotta be a boost crank) you can have on your frame? (As an editorial statement, I can't understand why this isn't part of the specs listed for EVERY high end frame/bike out there -- people do care, particularly those of us who are willing to spend thousands for a frame).
Post #174 of 195. Posted by Pedro on 17-Dec-2018 13:16:28 GMT [16146<--16148]
Hi Pedro, at 175mm from the BB axis, the outside-to-outside width of the chainstays is 132mm. So the 156mm Q factor crank will not fit as you need to add clearance and crank thickness to that. The 168mm Boost cranks do fit.
Post #175 of 195. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 19-Dec-2018 06:00:23 GMT [16148<--16150]
I want to build my ONE+ with a Step Cast 34 120mm for trail oriented races. If the seat tube angle is at 72.5 for an M won’t that make it too lax with a 120mm and how will climbing be with it?
Post #176 of 195. Posted by Johnny B on 20-Dec-2018 09:14:41 GMT [0<--17156]
I want to build my ONE+ with a Step Cast 34 120mm for trail oriented races. If the seat tube angle is at 72.5 for an M won’t that make it too lax with a 120mm and how will climbing be with it?
Post #177 of 195. Posted by Johnny B on 20-Dec-2018 09:14:42 GMT [0<--17158]
I want to build my ONE+ with a Step Cast 34 120mm for trail oriented races. If the seat tube angle is at 72.5 for an M won’t that make it too lax with a 120mm and how will climbing be with it?
Post #178 of 195. Posted by Johnny B on 20-Dec-2018 09:14:43 GMT [0<--17159]
I want to build my ONE+ with a Step Cast 34 120mm for trail oriented races. If the seat tube angle is at 72.5 for an M won’t that make it too lax with a 120mm and how will climbing be with it?
Post #179 of 195. Posted by Johnny B on 20-Dec-2018 09:14:43 GMT [0<--17157]
Hi Johnny, in fact that works quiet well as our head tube angle is pretty steep and like that it gets a bit slacker and more like a trail bike. Climbing should be still fine of course you have a bit a higher cockpit position
Post #180 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 04-Jan-2019 02:18:36 GMT [17157<--18175]
I'm going to race a multi stage race in March which will have some technical spots and long downhills. My One+ is a Medium and wanted to know if I can install an offset angle headset to slacken my Head Angle. Cane Creek makes up to a 1.5 degree (slacker) which would put my Frame from 71.4 to 69-9. Is this possible?
Post #181 of 195. Posted by Britt on 11-Jan-2019 23:21:13 GMT [0<--18187]
I'd like to know the answer as well, please.
Post #183 of 195. Posted by Jean on 05-Feb-2019 13:11:19 GMT [18187<--18217]
I will check with Cane Creek quickly to see what standards they offer
Post #184 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 06-Feb-2019 11:22:53 GMT [18187<--18222]
The AngleSet only works on bikes that take ZS or EC cups that are pressed into the frame. We have an IS headset configuration and that does not allow for the AngleSet technology.
Post #188 of 195. Posted by Andy Kessler on 07-Feb-2019 03:59:18 GMT [18187<--18234]
Hello Mr Vroomen!
I very happily have a 0.1 and U.P and in my mild mid-life crisis bought a ONE+. Have a couple of questions?
Max 36T chainring for the ONE+, how does a 'boost' crank make any difference to a X1 setup in relation the chainlink and would it be suitable for the ONE+ or be too close to the rear stay?
I have a pair of 27.5+ wheels but could you please give you opinion on the +/- of the plus tyre on a ONE+?
I put a set of 27.5 wheels on my 0.1 and it feels sluggish. The tyres have a high volume so the diameter is not too different but it just feels slower, rear stay length? any ideas?
Your designs have made me fitter and even slightly happier. So thank very much!
All the best
Post #189 of 195. Posted by JASON on 15-Feb-2019 02:08:46 GMT [0<--18270]
Do you ever plan on making an extra large open a Mountain bike frame with an 18 inch effective top tube
Post #190 of 195. Posted by Eric Hovland on 25-Feb-2019 12:53:51 GMT [0<--18282]

¿Alguien me puede decir si para el nuevo Shimano XTR es necesario cambiar la patilla del cuadro? No el M9000, si no este XTR 12v: https://rebrand...cias.
Post #191 of 195. Posted by Raul on 14-Mar-2019 14:52:15 GMT [0<--18315]
Hi , couple ?’s , will the new Sram AXS power cranks work on the one + mtn , fork rake , thinking Sid World Cup ,rl , running 27.5 + tires on enve ( which enve rims would u recommend ) ? Thank u !
Post #192 of 195. Posted by Gary Lunsky on 14-Mar-2019 17:30:16 GMT [0<--18316]
When installing the derailleur hanger, does Open recommend using loctite on the hanger attachment bolt? Also, is there a torque spec on this hanger bolt? Mine somehow backed out during a mountain bike ride.
Post #193 of 195. Posted by Ryan on 29-Mar-2019 12:47:03 GMT [0<--18331]
Looking to build a stout gravel bike, and was thinking could I build a bomb proof drop handle bar bike, with 29ner wheels all on the one+ frameset?
Post #194 of 195. Posted by mcclinchie on 21-Apr-2019 23:12:24 GMT [0<--18364]
I am 188cm tall and i am concerned that the large one+ is not large enough for me, can you tell me if the bike is ok with a 120 stem? With a 400mm seat post what is the highest seat height possible?
Post #195 of 195. Posted by Eric on 24-May-2019 01:31:23 GMT [0<--18421]