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The Xplorer (+ Lauf Grit) by wheelsONfire


New 650B wheelset and special made studded tires!

Goal was to have a (tubeless ready) winter wheelset which is fairly light (where it counts the most),

Also to have a high end studded tire which has clearance and ofcourse, must be tubeless ready.


* Ryde 22 (27.5/650B. Weight 335 grams)

* Hope RS4 Centerlock (28 spoke)

* DT Swiss Aerolite (white on driveside)

* Sapim CX Ray (black on none driveside)

* Sapim Polyax Brass nipples (black)

* DWW super light tubeless tape

* Wheel-tec valves

* Shimano XT RT81 rotors.

Note: Ryde Trace 22, is 22mm on the inside. A too wide rim will make a tire swell out more (and even more if you ride super low pressure). You don't want too much of this since your tires actually become wider the wider the rims are.

Remember, you need the clearance for the studded winter tire!


* Michelin Wild Mud Advanced 27.5*2.00

* Studs: Grip studs #1000 (352 studs needed)

* Install tool #4000M, manual install

The Michelin tires has soft knobs which suits the winter well.

Each tire have 4 rows of knobs.

Each row is consisting on 88 knobs.

This sums up to 352 knobs for one tire and to do this within reason, i set out to mount studs on half of the knobs.

So 176 studs at each tire.

This gives you a 760 gram tire which is mounted tubeless.

The key here, is ofcourse to have a tubeless 650B/ 27.5 tire that have the clearance you'll need in the frame.

You have to account for the added width of the studs to (go for a 50mm tire)!

At this moment, the 27.5 version from Schwalbe (Ice Spiker Pro) and Suomi (WXC'R 312) are only available in 2.25 width.

I tested both and there is no clearance in UP frame. They simply will not work!

As rubber hardens due to the cold, a hard compound rubber has no good grip on ice. You also need to consider, cold weather affect the knobs.

What you also need is knobs and casing that can handle the grip stud thread depth.

The stud is digging in 6.2mm in the tire. So it is relevant that you have this in mind when chosing tire.

Grip stud #1000 is a true high end stud that will stand the abuse.

It has both tungsten and carbide in tip and core.

If anything, this project is expensive due to studs cost.



11 october i mounted Lauf Grit.

At this moment it's stock / unpainted matte black.

View attached pictures!

For flat mount fork to post mount brake calipers, you'd need either a Shimano SM MA F140PDA (for 140mm Rotors) when you run 160mm Rotors.

This may seem strange, but this size is because Grit is designed with an offset.

Now there are several brand adaptors available, but you still need a 140mm version for your 160mm Rotors.

The original brake hose is extremely short when you swap from Luteus to Grit, so it might be an idea to buy a new brake hose for the front brake.The routing of the hose on Grit, will not be possible with the brake hose used at your Luteus II.

Lauf vs Grit or 3T Luteus, what do i notice, how does the Grit come on to things that a stiff fork will not?

Grit makes your ride smoother. Almost as you have had a huge tire on the bike.

The micro and macro vibrations from the road/ path/ trail does not affect your hands, neck and shoulders as it would with a stiff fork.

Traction gets a bit better which is great when you ride a descent or when your corner.

The minus is if you either go sprinting or standing climbing.

It's probably the update that makes the most significant change on your bike.

Anyone welcome to ask questions or come with suggestions.



Finally got my UP.

It was an extremely long waiting time for the wheelset, but well worth it ;-)

The idea for me with UP was/ is, to simply not be forced to ride a trainer (it is so boring i can't do it!), to be able to ride most of the year and broaden the field of cycling (road, gravel and light trail riding) and not just tarmac.

I am really a road biker, but this is simply way more pleasing than i thought.

As some of you guys, i also would like a set of 650B wheels. Mainly to use with fatter winter tires.

However, winters are God damn cold over here, so we'll see if i can handle that when it's here again.

In the meanwhile, i salute "the explorer that i firmly believe lives in us all ;-)

I can recommend Dark Speed Works 483D top tube bag!

Excellent for storing keys, allen/torx keys, C02 pump, sealant or some snack.


* 3 allen keys (seat post skewer, saddle clamp and Shimano FD key)

* Bontrager TLR 50ml

* Topeak Co2 pump + two cannisters

* Genuine innovations Tubeless repair kit

About 410 grams incl the saddle bag and two bolts.

So all in all bike weight is 9010 grams!


ComponentModelWt (g)
forkLauf Grit / 3T Luteus 
seatpostSyntace P6 HiFlex (drilled for Di2 battery) 
seattube collarStandard + Cruel components 30.0mm 
shift/brake leversShimano Di2 ST-R785 Shift/Brake Levers 
cable stopsStandard 
derailleur cablesStandard 
brake cablesStandard 
front derailleurUltegra Di2 
rear derailleurUltegra Di2 medium cage + Wolf tooth Roadlink 
chainstay protectorPrologo One touch (black / orange) 
front brakeShimano BR 785 
rear brakeShimano BR 785 
cranksetShimano Ultegra/ 172.5mm 
chainrings46/34 / + TA Specialities 44/33 for winter 
bottom bracketRotor Pressfit BB Right 4624 Ceramic 
pedalsMavic CrossMax SL Pro 
stemShimano Pro Sprint -10 (105mm) / -17 (110mm Grit)210
handlebarsSalsa Cowbell (42cm C-C) 
saddleCobb Cycling Jof Randee (1st version) 
front wheelNo tubes Avion Pro 
rear wheelNo tubes Avion Pro 
cassetteSram PG-1170 11-36 
rotorShimano XT RT-86 6 Bolt Ice-Tech Rotor 
thru axleLauf standard/ Syntace X-12 rear/ Shift UP 15*100 
front tirePanaracer Gravel King SK 700*38430
rear tirePanaracer Gravel King SK 700*38430
front wheel (2nd set)Ryde Trace 22 (27.5´)/ Hope RS4 hub (rim 335g) 
rear wheel (2nd set)Ryde Trace 22 (27.5')/ Hope RS4 hub (rim 335g) 
cassetteSram PG-1170 11-36 
rotor (2nd set)Shimano XT RT-81 Centerlock 
tires (2nd set)Michelin Wild Mud 27.5*2.0 + Best Grip #1000 studs 
front tire (2nd set)Vredestein Spotted Cat 27.5*2.00 
rear tire (2nd set)Vredestein Spotted Cat 27.5*2.00 
shoesGiro VR-90 Ltd Orange 
water bottle cageIcan carbon 
water bottle boltsTitanium 
headsetCane creek 40/ 110 + custom 4mm headset dust cap 
topcapWolf tooth 
power meter- 
trip computerVDO M5, cadence and HR