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A most versatile bike/rider

Gerard Vroomen - 18-Dec-2018
It's still too early for a year in review post, but I already have my favorite photo. While I love the scenic stuff and don't particularly like racing, somehow this photo by Kenny Wehn of Geoff Kabush in the Iceman Cometh race cracks me up. So here it is in glorious full portrait display, so there's some scrolling to do and then I'll continue:

Not sure why I like it so much, probably a combination of the fact that a pro rider owns an OPEN U.P., that it is a Yeti Limited Edition (one of my all-time favorite specials), that it's a mountain bike race, that he won the race, that it looks old-school and that it looks fantastically strange to see that bike in front of a whole lineup of mountain bikes. It  gets my imagination running about what is going on in everybody's mind. I imagine some "what the heck is he ..", "is that really a ...", "surely he can't ..." which then slowly gives way to "if we don't get rid of this guy, we're toast in the finale".

Of course nobody may be thinking anything other than "my legs hurt", I don't know.

So Geoff Kabush winning a mountain bike race on an UP is amazing, but he didn't stop there. The weekend after, he took the same bike to the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships and came second. Different wheels of course because of the tire restrictions, so 700c vs the 650b x 2.1" from the week before. Here's a small gallery of Geoff in that race, courtesy of Simon Kocemba:

I can't think of a better way to showcase the versatility of the UP, and of Geoff. Below I have some close-ups of other set-ups Geoff uses. From top to bottom it's his road set-up, his Dirty Kanza set-up and his Iceman Cometh set-up:

If you want to follow Geoff or just wish a fellow-OPEN rider Happy Holidays, you can do so on Twitter or Instagram: It's fun to follow him on Instagram as he'll go into detail on his specs and you'll also see posts like this with comments from his competitors like: "That was impressive. I was on your wheel in the first long section of single track, I was a little nervous you would be slow on that bike, you rode the shit out of that thing!"

And if I don't blog again before Christmas, let me wish you a great Holiday Season and all the best for 2019!

Comments & Questions

What size Open is Jeff riding a Large or and XL??
Post #1 of 15. Posted by Robert Gardner on 19-Dec-2018 13:36:17 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16151]
Hi Robert, Geoff is on an XL.
Post #7 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Dec-2018 02:58:21 GMT in reply to post #1 [16151<--17152]
Great Blog.... that dude is Legit, what a great ambassador, for the most versatile bike(s) that I have ever owned.
Happy Holidays to everyone @ Open
Post #2 of 15. Posted by Doug on 19-Dec-2018 14:42:57 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16152]
Yes, people always say he's a great guy. Happy Holidays
Post #10 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Dec-2018 06:38:31 GMT in reply to post #2 [16152<--17155]
My next bike will be an UP. It has the perfect versatility for me. I want to race cross and gravel and train by riding it (the same bike) on both the road and on singletrack (and gravel of course). Buying wheelsets vs a whole new bike is the most cost effective way to do things. I love riding drop bars on anything without big jumps (where suspension is nice).
Post #3 of 15. Posted by Leigh on 19-Dec-2018 15:15:45 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16153]
Now that is the setup for this bike! Dura ace di2 2x and the RX rear der. Riding the same on my OPEN. The bike ahead biturbo rs is the best wheelset Imho for this superb frameset
Post #4 of 15. Posted by Youpmelone on 19-Dec-2018 15:46:24 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16154]
I am a HUGE fan of OPEN and I absolutely love my Open Up. I have several bikes: a full suspension Ibis Ripley, a Specialized Tarmac Disc and my green Open Up. Yes these are all awesome bikes but I almost exclusively ride my Open. It is just TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!
Post #5 of 15. Posted by Michelle on 19-Dec-2018 16:46:09 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16155]
Nothing against those bikes but we do hear that a lot, that the UP is an N-1 bike instead of the N+1 which people jokingly refer to as the ideal number of bikes, with N being the current number you own.
Post #8 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Dec-2018 03:00:02 GMT in reply to post #5 [16155<--17153]
Please, another batch of the Yeti-colored/themed UP.
Post #6 of 15. Posted by Greg on 19-Dec-2018 21:36:09 GMT in reply to blog [0<--17151]
Well, that's up to Yeti of course.
Post #9 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 20-Dec-2018 03:00:35 GMT in reply to post #6 [17151<--17154]
We loved watching this year’s IceMan finish. My Fiancée surprised me with matching Yeti addition UP's and we have been riding the wheels off them. We have always rode our mountain bikes for IceMan and again this year rode our Yeti ARC's. Need to rethink that for 2019. The pic I sent of Geoff with the Yeti–man was my Son congratulating Geoff. IceMan is much more than the Pro Race. If you're ever in the states for the first Saturday in November, come to Michigan, ride the IceMan and celebrate another season of cycling with thousands of wonderful people.
Post #11 of 15. Posted by Lew, Christine, & Jesse on 21-Dec-2018 11:19:58 GMT in reply to blog [0<--17160]
Hi Lew, Christine and Jesse, thanks for sharing the same passion for cycling. Its great to have people like you in that sport. happy trails in 2019.
Post #14 of 15. Posted by Andy Kessler on 04-Jan-2019 02:15:01 GMT in reply to post #11 [17160<--18174]
Where are your frames made, manufactured? Thanks
Post #12 of 15. Posted by Chris Richardson on 21-Dec-2018 13:07:33 GMT in reply to blog [0<--17171]
Hi Guys,
Have a question; I recently lined up in a local XC race on my U.P. with my 27.5 x 2.1 setup. Officials would not let me start at first, as "Cyclocross bikes are not allowed" I argued that no Cyclocross bike would fit 27.5 x 2.1" wheels, and so i went on and had a great race on a slippery technical course - dropper bar or not! (seemed like the drop bar was their definition of a cyclocross bike) Question; if i stick a flat bar on my U.P. - could anybody still claim it wasn't a mountain bike? Are you aware of any specific geometry that you, as designers has to stay within certain parameters? TT bikes has very specific measures they have to stay within..
Thanks, and happy riding!!!
Post #13 of 15. Posted by Mik Rosenfeldt Jørgensen on 21-Dec-2018 15:42:42 GMT in reply to blog [0<--17175]
Hi Mik, I actually can not answer you this question with certainty. But as I remember from my racing days it had to something also with the width of the bars.. Back then it was only maximum width but not sure if they added some stupid rules. I am pretty sure that when you have a flatbar things should be are some of the rules: https://www.uci...10
you can see in article 4.1.040 no road bars allowed..
Post #15 of 15. Posted by Andy Kessler on 04-Jan-2019 02:48:33 GMT in reply to post #13 [17175<--18183]