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A new 1.0 - Attempt ONE+

Gerard Vroomen - 09-Apr-2016
As I explained two days ago, after we stopped with the ONE we went full-throttle with the ONE+. We added two key new features, redesigned a few of the shapes and started off prototyping. I'll get to the details of the frame later, but let's just say that Andy was a little skeptical about one of the new features.

"On a pure, super-light XC machine, not everybody will want that." A fair enough assessment I thought, but I wanted to try anyway. So a few months ago, Andy got the first prototype, took it to Spain, and came back a changed man. "Everybody needs this!"

Luckily our resident photographer Marc Gasch lives just around the corner so he was on hand to witness the change of heart. Here are some of his photos of Andy testing the ONE+, more coming soon.

Comments & Questions

Is possible put a Lefty XLR Carbon Fork in a Open+ frame size L?
The distance in XLR is 137,7 and the head frame is 135. I have problems to put this fork.
Thank you and sorry for my english
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