Ambassadors & Crossfondue

Gerard Vroomen - 30-Oct-2023
Apologies for another update, but I forgot a few things in my previous post:
  1. Anybody can apply for an OPEN Ambassadorship. We're not just looking for "your typical ambassador", we like a very diverse group of riders. Age, gender, location, speed, anything goes.
  2. Please give us a couple of days to respond to your OPEN Ambassador application. We also have our day job :-)

 Separately some bad news. Unfortunately we have to delay the planned CrossFondue. Due to a freak coincidence, I've cracked a couple of ribs and Andy has also been forced off the bike for a bit. So it will NOT be held on November 26. Instead, please reserve March 24, 2024 for the CrossFondue and hopefully everybody is healed and ready to go!

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Get well soon guys!
Best Thomas
Post #1 of 2. Posted by Thomas Hutmacher on 02-Nov-2023 06:51:22 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24955]
Sorry to hear about the bad news.
Wishing everyone quick recovery!
Post #2 of 2. Posted by Levi on 02-Nov-2023 07:46:48 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24958]