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BOTM: A piece of Art - part 2

Andy Kessler - 19-Jun-2017
As announced in last weeks BOTM Blog here some more U.P.-Art by our dealer Soerensen in Norway. 

Soerensen has been on board with us from the first minute and was part of our first history making meeting we had in Switzerland with 3 selected european dealers. So far they have done 11 custom builds based on a U.P. but this one is truly unique. The frame has been designed by a prominent member of Norway’s black metal scene.

Norwegian artist and former professional snowboarder, Danny Larsen, took care of the paint, painstakingly designing and hand painting the numerous burning church inspired decals.

A labour of love, this all-weather, all-terrain, black metal behemoth is currently ripping up the dark forests of Nordmarka on a daily basis. If you want to check out Danny's Work you can do that here: www.dannylarsen/no/

Enjoy the gallery of this mystique piece of Art. 





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