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BOTM: ASSOS-U.P.P.E.R. Limited Edition - part 1

Andy Kessler - 04-Apr-2017
It has been exactly 3 years since we started to team up with Assos for the Cape Epic. We have mentioned it a couple of times before, we do not work with sponsored athletes but we partner up with ambassadors that we think are in line with our values and philosophies. In one of our previous blogs we explain why .

Assos is truly committed to develop the best cycling clothing in the world and we have partnered up for a small OPEN-Assos clothing line that you can find in our store

For this year we will have a small ambassador team in the US that will race on our U.P.P.E.R.s. in a special design made by Assos. Watch the video to see how you can sponsor yourself with one of the few that will be produced.

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