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BOTM: Brown was down but now is U.P. - part 2

Gerard Vroomen - 29-Mar-2016
So this month's BOTM is a bike Andy put together for me. A bit retro-looking but definitely no retro parts. There are a few comments to be made about this build though. The 2.25" tires are a bit over the limit, it works with these rims as they are not too wide but there isn't a ton of clearance. Perfect for a roll down to the bakery, but not for a muddy slugfest; better stick with 2.1" and some more clearance for that.

The THM SRM crank doesn't really fit on the U.P. frame, the spider that contains the power meter is too thick so it interferes with the BB386 EVO bracket shell. We don't recommend trying to fix this yourself, more than likely it will cost you a USD 3,000 repair to the crank (or frame, or both).

Other than that, I love the "new-old school" Brooks saddle and the bar-tape, and of course those Ardennes Plus SL wheels. Light and sturdy. BTW, made some changes to my bike since, but that's maybe the topic of a future BOTM.

The photos for this series were taken just around the corner from OPEN's massive world head quarters in Basel, Switzerland (i.e. Andy's one-man office). I love ports, so this was a great area to shoot my BOTM. I hope you like it too!

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