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BOTM: Defender TWOxONE - part 1

Marc Gasch - 12-Dec-2016
You probably weren't expecting this photo on our blog:

But Marc, our photographer friend, is a big Land Rover Defender fan and of course an OPEN fan and we like his new ONE+ so much, we're making it our new Bike Of The Month. As for the name, the original Defender is obviously a 4x4, but in keeping with our Relentless Simplicity mantra, we're sticking to a simpler 2x1 system. Here is Marc's story:

Like most photographers, I'm a gear junkie.

And part of that gear addiction is also for cars. I like cool vintage cars, and especially 4x4 models. The classic Land Rover Defender is one of my favorites and when I heard last year that the English brand was stopping the production of its iconic metal box on wheels at its plant in Solihull, it was a sad day.

So when the time came to build my own OPEN ONE+, I wanted to build a bike that can be simple, all-terrain, maintenance free and obviously, cool looking. I settled on the Plus 27,5 x 3" wheel platform, and when I was thinking about the colors for the Ready-To-Paint frame [in case you're wondering, we're all sold out of ONE+ RTP frames - gv], the classic old Defender HUE166 came to my mind!

So with the help of the paint masters at KORA Designs in Spain, we start searching for the classic "Pastel Green" that was used in the first units of the Defenders few decades ago, and I think we came up with a very close match (even getting the right tones is always difficult, as judging them on the screen) To round it up, we use a few touches of "Sand" color in places like the OPEN letters on the toptube and the bottle cages, similar to the soft roofs that the Defender models of the 50's used back then.

Custom-painting the Lauf fork in the same color scheme was not easy, because it was a red fork in origin, so we had to sand it and spray it from scratch (don't try this at home). It took a while...

Overall I'm pretty happy on how the "green monster" came out, even if I was not 100% sure how was going to look when we started with the project! Some people told me to keep it matte black, and that I was crazy to paint it in such a weird color, but hey, you never know if you never try...

Stay with us and we'll share a full photo gallery next week, and a full list of specs on our third blog about this bike !

Comments & Questions

it is a beauty! Nice inspiration for the frame colours...looking forward to the results!
Post #1 of 10. Posted by Ralf Advokaat on 12-Dec-2016 07:48:57 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1257]
I'm not at all surprised. Each time I receive an update I'm slightly expecting to see something with inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan or Onyx. Then again, I'm just wacky.
Post #2 of 10. Posted by Wilson on 12-Dec-2016 08:34:09 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1258]
Excited to seeing the finished product! Though admittedly a little sad that when I was ordering my One+ in late September, Andy said in an email there were no plans for an RTP One+. Please make sure to announce that w the kind enthusiasm you guys did for the RTP UP if you make more RTP One+'s in the future!
Post #3 of 10. Posted by M on 12-Dec-2016 08:50:46 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1259]
Well, we never really had any RTP ONE+, to be exact we had five frames so they never went into sales. So "sold out" wasn't really meant to mean that we had a ton and sold them all, only that we have none for sale.
Post #9 of 10. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-Dec-2016 12:49:27 GMT in reply to post #3 [1259<--1267]
that's a beautiful series II Land Rover 88" stationwagon, predecessor of the Defender ;-)
Post #4 of 10. Posted by Peter Valkema on 12-Dec-2016 08:58:15 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1260]
I had a 109 stationwagon for 10 year fantastic vehicle , dam miss that vehicle .
Post #7 of 10. Posted by Martin Davies on 13-Dec-2016 22:41:29 GMT in reply to post #4 [1260<--1265]
Nice one . Hopefully open will put this colour for production on UP.
Post #5 of 10. Posted by Alfred on 12-Dec-2016 10:36:59 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1261]
Can't wait!
Post #6 of 10. Posted by Carlos de Sandoval on 12-Dec-2016 11:36:46 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1262]
passed my driving test in one of these,so always been a soft spot for me
Post #8 of 10. Posted by paul hackin on 16-Dec-2016 05:22:34 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1266]
Love the hoopty! I'm going to miss that old style as well. As for the bike, can't wait to see it!
Post #10 of 10. Posted by Howard on 31-Dec-2016 09:32:07 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1289]