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BOTM: Low Fat ONE+ - part 2

Gerard Vroomen - 26-Apr-2016
It's time for the favorite part of each Bike Of The Month: the photo gallery. The shoot was at SeaOtter and instead of our trusted resident photographer Marc Gasch (who wasn't at SeaOtter) we found Paul Willerton willing to do the shoot. That was after I asked for volunteers right here a few weeks before SeaOtter and Paul was the first to respond.

Four more followed after that, so maybe we'll make that a regular feature for the April BOTM, a guest SeaOtter photographer. Especially since there were some renowned names who responded, so that could be cool (and just overall I think it's quite amazing; I mean I'm amazed five people read our stuff, let alone enough to people to include five photographers going to SeaOtter). Anyway, enjoy!

P.S. if you wonder about the dust on the bike, that's an hommage to the true SeaOtter experience. As any bike industry person who has ever done that expo will tell you, trying to keep your bikes clean is like fighting windmills. Let's just say that  if they ever decided to hold a football (the one where you use your hands) championship game there, it'd be called the Dust Bowl.

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Great pics! This sure is the gold standard! ;-)
Post #1 of 2. Posted by Matt on 27-Apr-2016 10:48:50 GMT in reply to blog [0<--624]
I like the bottle holder (the owl) can you tellme where you can get it ;-) thanks
Post #2 of 2. Posted by Chris on 08-Jun-2017 04:46:13 GMT in reply to blog [0<--4897]