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BOTM: ONE + OCHO - part 2

Andy Kessler - 17-Aug-2018
Some of you complained that I was riding too slow in the intro video of this BOTM. Yes that's right, and there are 3 reasons for it:

1. The video was in slow motion.

2. I am an old guy not getting faster (and the slow motion makes it even worse).

3. The Shimano XTR and the Cannondale Ocho fork are non ridable prototypes. If you look closely in the video you can see that the fork legs do not move a bit. The needle bearings do not help - the play in my joints gives more travel than the fork.

I should have added a 4th one. The good thing is I do not have to go fast. I like to go for long rides where I race but only against myself...

As mentioned, we tried to build that bike for Eurobike which getting new stuff before the show is always not easy even more if it is a product that is not sold aftermarket such as the Lefty Ocho fork. Same for the Shimano XTR: I should have gotten rideable product before the show but until today I only got a shifter out of regular production. So at the end you take what you get and you build a bike that should give people inspiration.

Of course I can not tell you much right now about the new Shimano XTR or the performance of the Ocho fork but as soon as I get rideable stuff I will rebuild the bike (as I had to ship photo samples back- so even worse I have to build that bike twice) and let you know. But this would pretty much be the way I would build a ONE + for myself. I have always been a Lefty fan and still think its the best fork out there. I like light stuff but at the same time reliable parts and that's what Ceetec is about. Weight is one thing but safety and performance is more important. So yes, you could build this bike lighter we have had some below 7kg but at the end performance is more important to me.

Here comes the gallery of that bike.


Comments & Questions

What are the benefits of the XTR over Eagle?
Post #1 of 7. Posted by Ivo Roylev on 17-Aug-2018 12:46:43 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13945]
Hi Ivo, I think its very personal. Either you are an XTR fan or a SRAM fan. XTR has 1 tooth more with the 51 but honestly 10-50 more than enough. So is in a airplane the choice is chicken or beef and it depends on your personal preference
Post #4 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 20-Aug-2018 10:03:55 GMT in reply to post #1 [13945<--13949]
Slower is taking it all in. Good example of a enjoyable ride over a certain age.
Post #2 of 7. Posted by Barry Beaden on 17-Aug-2018 20:59:50 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13946]
Super nice build Andy. I’m known as “ turtleman” on the race circuit, so going slow is Legit??
Hope to see you guys @ interbike this year, Lake Tahoe or Bust??
Post #3 of 7. Posted by doug honeyford on 18-Aug-2018 11:24:50 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13947]
Hi Doug, would be great to see you personally, I think we skip inter bike outdoor this year. But for sure we will be there next year as well as Seaotter
Post #5 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 20-Aug-2018 10:05:01 GMT in reply to post #3 [13947<--13950]
Hi Guys,
Would appreciate your view on the new XTR as a 1x setup, compared to SRAM force 1 that i know you are very familiar on the U.P. bikes.
Does the XTR have a "clutch" or similar function as the SRAM to prevent chain-slack, and chain coming off, or does it need the chain-guide up front ? Never ridden´ the Eagle, but i find the Force 1 a bit "clunky" - sometimes miss the XTR smoothness and quality feel, and as posted elsewhere on this site, I'm playing with the idea of an U.P. in a XTR/flat bar setup for winter training (and to shut up stupid commissaries!)

As for the bike above; What a neat little beast! Bravo!
Post #6 of 7. Posted by Mik Rosenfeldt Jørgensen on 21-Dec-2018 16:43:36 GMT in reply to blog [0<--17176]
Hi Mik, if you want to go flatbars and 1x no problem at all to do that with XTR. XTR has a clutch and with the long cage version not problem at all. You will not need a chain guide (but we are working with a partner on one also for those who still like to have one). And yes the commissaries how easy would be live without them...I remember my mountain bike days when they were measuring handle bar width...
Post #7 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 04-Jan-2019 02:40:47 GMT in reply to post #6 [17176<--18181]