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Andy Kessler - 08-May-2022
Remember the one-of-a-kind WBR dream bike we raffled off last year to a lucky winner that raised CHF 22,918 for global nonprofit World Bicycle Relief? Funny enough the winner was well known to us and working and living very close to our Basel office.

 We’re excited to share that we are donating 15 off those limited-edition WBR OPEN U.P. framesets and DT Swiss is donating 15 GRC 1400 wheelsets to support World Bicycle Relief's upcoming “Women on Wheels” campaign to mobilise 4,000 women and girls with life-changing bicycles. 

These frames and wheelsets were inspired by the bright colors and patterns of the ‘chitengue’, worn by women and girls in Central and Eastern Africa. All proceeds will go toward helping “Women on Wheels” thrive.


While any effort to raise money for a good cause should be applauded, we sometimes feel uncomfortable when we see "a percentage of profits will go to"-statements. How much goes where in the end? To avoid that feeling, OPEN and DT Swiss are donating these products so that 100% of the retail price goes directly to World Bicycle Relief to further their mission.

Grab your limited-edition WBR OPEN U.P. frame and DT Swiss wheelset in our webshop and support life-changing impact in the lives of people who need it the most. 

World Bicycle Relief is a catalyst for change, helping individuals, their families, and entire communities to thrive through The Power of Bicycles. Since 2005, it has delivered more than 640,000 bicycles to people in need.

With bicycles, students arrive at school on time and with energy to learn. Healthcare workers can visit more patients in less time to provide life-saving care. Farmers and entrepreneurs generate more income to support their families and communities. 

We also invite everyone to join us this June for World Bicycle Relief’s Pedal to empower, their annual ride celebrating World Bicycle Day aimed at mobilising women and girls with life-changing bicycles. It’s free to join and a great way to offer support through your passion for pedaling for progress and hope.

In a world that is getting crazier every day please help us to make a small change for the better. 15 of you can change the lives of 650 fellow humans - that's the number of Buffalo bikes we would be able to donate for the retail value of those framesets and wheels. So with just these 15 WBR UPs and DT Swiss wheels, World Bicycle Relief will already be 1/6th of the way towards their total goal. Thank you very much for your support.

Andy & Gerard

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Good on you Andy and Gerard. A great cause and a beautiful bike!
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