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BOTM: The NON FAT - part 3

Andy Kessler - 30-Jun-2016
For those who have not seen or can't remember the nice beauty shots of Junes NON FAT bike of the month you can see them here.

We had a lot of positive feedback about this built and many of you got inspired by the build or some of the components used on it. In the same time your feedback gave me also inspiration for a new BOTM spec that you hopefully will see later in the year.

But lets go back to the ONE +. Yes we can deliver. Right now small and large are in stock and medium should get back to stock in 10 days.

I still get quiet a bit of people asking me what the difference is between the 1.0 and the ONE+.

I always said that the 1.0/1.1 will be a classic like a Porsche 911. This frame will never get old as it was way ahead of its time and still is future ready. If tomorrow somebody launches a wireless electronic shifting system this frame does not look like a Swiss Emmental cheese with full of holes that you can not use anymore, but in fact with our cable entry guide system you still have a proper looking frame. But as with any new model of the 911 also our ONE + frame got some major upgrades to improve overall riding quality. Following are just a few of them:
  • 27.5 plus and 29 compatible. I mean yes there are a some other brands with 27.5 plus wheel frames but look at their weight no one comes even close to our 900 grams. So actually you get a real racy and agile 27.5 plus bike as many of our competitors are just heavy and hard to handle in tight corners. If you build your frame with 29 wheels then you can fit now tires up to 2.4" wide instead of 2.25".
  • 27.5 and 26 plus compatible for size small. Read last weeks blog from Gerard to find out more about ONE+ sizing for size small.
  • Stiffer rear end for more precise handling thanks to the new layup and the thru-axle. But no compromise in comfort as we feature now the same curved stays as on our U.P.
  • Stiffer BB area 
  • Stiffer head tube area
I know this is marketing bla bla of a guy that wants to sell his brand but ask some of our consumers and dealers that have made the switch from the 1.0/1.1 and they will tell you that actually there is a big difference.

Coming back to the main purpose of this blog. Many of you asked for weight and detail specs. This bike is light but still a couple of 100 grams could be shaved of easily. The BB is a pretty heavy one and also on cranks 150 grams could be saved easily. Still 7.6kg is a pretty good weight for the complete bike I think!

Here we go with the specs:

Component Model
frame ONE+ matt black/white decals
headset Cane Creek 42/52
fork Fox 32 Float SC 29
stem  MCFK 90mm
handlebar Bike Ahead flat bar 10
handlebar grip ESI Racer, black
seatpost Bike Ahead, 27,2 400
saddle Fizik Tundra M1
brakes Magura MT8
shifters SRAM XX1 Eagle black
crank  SRAM XX1 Eagle black
BB SRAMpressfit
chainrings SRAM 34T
rear  derailleur SRAM XX1 Eagle black
cassette SRAM XX1 Eagle, 10-50 black
chain SRAM XX1 Eagle
wheel Bike Ahead Biturbo RS Boost
tire Racing Ralph 29x2.1 Tl easy

Comments & Questions

I really love the philiosophy / engineering of the One+. The 1.0 didn't have enough tire clearance. Pricewise, the One+ is cheaper than the new Scott Scale 900 SL 2017 (frameset 3200 euro vs 3999 euro) while weight is close. On the other hand, the Canyon Exceed frame also comes in at 900g, but you can already get a complete bike with RS-1 for 3699 euro. That's close to the Open, and cheaper than the Scott (still money left in your pocket). Of course the frames aren't as versatile and you get two bikes in one with the One+. It gets harder everytime to explain at home :-)
Post #1 of 8. Posted by MsC on 30-Jun-2016 13:34:42 GMT in reply to blog [0<--771]
Hello Mad Skating Cow (I didn't think I'd ever start a sentence that way!), we have nothing but respect for these other companies, in fact some of the owners are our personal friends. But as you say, tough to compare apples, oranges and pears. Looks like we made the ONE+ a bit too cheap, but that's OK!
Post #6 of 8. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Jul-2016 12:22:31 GMT in reply to post #1 [771<--778]
Excited about the Open product. I love small companies who continue to push the boundaries of our sport. Good work guys!
Post #2 of 8. Posted by Steve Saxton on 30-Jun-2016 14:08:42 GMT in reply to blog [0<--772]
Andy...I see you have the "Fox 32 Float SC 29" listed. I spoke with Fox and they said the 2016 FOX 32 FLOAT STEP CAST 29 was not compatiable with a 27.5+ 3" Tire...Is that true?
Post #3 of 8. Posted by Scot on 30-Jun-2016 16:51:11 GMT in reply to blog [0<--773]
Hi Scot. your guy told you "no" my guy told me "yes" with a 29 fork you can do that but not with the 27.5. But let me find out. I send you a mail
Post #4 of 8. Posted by Andy Kessler on 01-Jul-2016 03:00:37 GMT in reply to post #3 [773<--774]
Hi Scott, did check myself and you are right 3" tire does not work with step cast design
Post #5 of 8. Posted by Andy Kessler on 01-Jul-2016 05:43:53 GMT in reply to post #3 [773<--775]
Hi Gerard,
how much the One+...29....large frame?
Post #7 of 8. Posted by Esmael machado on 13-Jul-2016 15:36:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--792]
hi Esmael, I am not 100% sure what your question is. The ONE+ is 29er and 27.5" all in the same frame, so the L 29er is the same as the L 27.5". But what do you want to know, the price? 3200 USD for the frame.
Post #8 of 8. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 14-Jul-2016 21:00:11 GMT in reply to post #7 [792<--795]