Andy Kessler - 02-Nov-2018
Just around a year ago Gerard wrote his BLOG about "Black Friday" and what we think of pushing people into buying something they dont need just because there is a huge discount tag on it.

No, we have not changed our mind and we will never be part of that shopping madness. In contrary  we want you to stay home, to stay offline and to be in your garage and your cellar working on your bike and give it some love:

We are inventing Maintenance - November and for that reason we do offer you some selected headsets and bottom brackets for your Classic U.P. and 1.0/1.1 at a special price below our cost. You can find them in our online store.

The 2 BB's are only for 1.1 and 1.0. They are dedicated BB's that match perfectly with the BB-right system for Shimano Hollowtech II and SRAM GXP cranks. 

The Rotor Headset is also for the 1.0/1.1 and the Cane Creek headset is only for the Classic U.P. not the new U.P. or U.P.P.E.R

Comments & Questions

Any ideas to create U-Turn "post mount" version fork.
Maybe Alumunium U.P frame ?

Post #1 of 7. Posted by Muhammad on 02-Nov-2018 11:36:22 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16067]
That would be awesome to have discount on fork
Post #2 of 7. Posted by Ed on 02-Nov-2018 11:37:54 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16069]
Love your bicycles, and love your corporate ethos even more.
My one plus is by far my favorite hardtail, after several thousand miles in the saddle, my BB is getting pretty chatty.
Which BB does it take? how many miles should one typically get from a BB.
Thank you,
Post #3 of 7. Posted by Doug Honeyford on 02-Nov-2018 11:55:15 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16071]
Hi Doug, glad to hear that you are still happy with your bike. Its kind if hard to say how long a BB will last depends a lot where you ride and what quality you have. Any bottom bracket for BB92 that fits your crank will work
Post #4 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 05-Nov-2018 10:44:19 GMT in reply to post #3 [16071<--16076]
Thank you for the reply......if you guys ever need a "test pilot" for super dusty and rocky conditions, I could certainly help you out.
I'm still running the original BB, I'm a little confused on your reference 1.0 and 1.1 ? is the bb mtb-r listed on your site the correct one for my 1 plus.
As always, Thank you for making epic bicycles.
Post #5 of 7. Posted by doug honeyford on 05-Nov-2018 12:31:35 GMT in reply to post #4 [16076<--16079]
hi Doug, send me a mail with the crank that you are currently using and I send you some information about what BB would fit
Post #6 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 07-Nov-2018 02:30:06 GMT in reply to post #5 [16079<--16083]
I hear you, but a Black Friday sale got the price of a UP from a local dealer into my budget. Will make sure to ride it during the other big commercial holidays to make up for it.
Post #7 of 7. Posted by Jeremy on 04-Dec-2018 08:41:36 GMT in reply to blog [0<--16105]