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Gerard Vroomen - 10-Apr-2021
If you're looking for a bike, you will have noticed the bike industry has gone completely crazy. Parts are non-existent, the simplest components have 2 year leadtimes, it's a circus (but without a ring master).

Relatively speaking, we're doing OK. The simplicity of our business model helps us out here. But one of our plans, to offer more complete bikes and frame+parts packages (so complete bikes but not assembled) is certainly affected by it. 

We will have more Force/Eagle bikes and parts packages coming in a few months (sign up for our Updates to be the first to know). But in the meantime we're excited to also offer another option: Frame+parts packages with Campagnolo EKAR 1x13. Right now we can only offer it in Europe, hopefully soon elsewhere too. As you may know from my previous blog on EKAR, I really like it. So we're happy to now also offer this great groupset to OPEN customers. 

There's only a small hiccup: Due to the supply chain craziness, some parts have not arrived yet, namely the cockpit. And who knows when they will. So we had two choices: wait or sell you the parts package without those items. We chose the latter, as this way you can go and buy your cockpit of choice and get on the road quicker. And if those parts ever arrive, we'll use them on the next batch of parts kits (if those ever arrive too :-)

If you're interested, then please read this carefully to avoid disappointment:
  1. Unfortunately right now this offer is for EUROPE ONLY. We hope to have an EKAR option in the rest of the world soon.
  2. You can ONLY buy the EKAR parts kit in combination with a frameset. We are not allowed to sell just the parts.
  3. As an option, you can also buy a matching set of Fulcrum wheels with the Campagnolo Ekar N3W freehub body. We have some 650b and some 700c wheels, with matching tires of course.
  4. We don't have very many, it's a first-come-first-serve basis, so please don't wait too long if you really want this.
  5. EKAR is a great group for the WIDE (the bike below is from Campagnolo engineer Nicolo Martinello) and the UP(PER) but also for the MIND (see below the WIDE photo for more info). If the frame of choice is showing out of stock, then you can send Andy a message (Contact form on the left of this page). If there are still parts packages available when he comes into the office next week, he will try to reserve one for you until the frame of your choice comes in.
  6. Don't wait any longer, order yours here.

If you're thinking of putting EKAR on a MIND:
  1. I personally love that combination. Please note however that the tires that are part of the package won't fit on the MIND (they are 40mm gravel tires). So it would require you to find a set of road tires.
  2. Secondly I would in most cases prefer the 9-36 cassette instead of the 9-42 we have, but I would suggest to just go with it and you can always get a second close-range cassette if you really want to. 
  3. You may think the MIND wouldn't look so nice with a 1x13 groupset and an unused front derailleur mount. But next week, we will announce (spoiler alert!) a special MIND that is dedicated to 1x, so without front derailleur mount. If nonetheless you prefer the standard 2x MIND, just go ahead and order that. If you prefer the new 1x MIND, then just send Andy a message (contact form on the left).
If you have any other questions, just pose them below.

Comments & Questions

When the derailleur for up restock ?
Post #1 of 12. Posted by Alfred on 11-Apr-2021 01:33:40 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23029]
Hi Alfred, we're out of stock in a few regions, in stock in others. By next week the hangers will be back in stock everywhere.
Post #8 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 12-Apr-2021 05:00:50 GMT in reply to post #1 [23029<--23037]
Any plans to offer the MIN.D as a frame and parts kit in the future with groups like Red AXS or Dura Ace Di2? Or not even an option given the current stock issues from suppliers?
Post #2 of 12. Posted by C. Robinson on 11-Apr-2021 11:43:05 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23030]
Hi there, all our retailers offer such options. It's unlikely we will, we're still committed to keeping it simple. So instead of offering every option possible, we pick the parts we like the best for our bikes and offer just those. So we may have one 2x option for the MIND in the future, but that's it. And it definitely isn't around the corner given the current supply situation.
Post #3 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 11-Apr-2021 12:14:56 GMT in reply to post #2 [23030<--23031]
Hi, beautiful bike,
Can you give me an idea of cost?
I own 3t exploro and cervelo r5 (3years old), both bikes I think Gerald design, correct??
Tks for you reply in advance
Post #4 of 12. Posted by Rodolfo guerrini on 11-Apr-2021 15:04:40 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23032]
Hi Rudy, the parts and wheel kit together are 2500 Euro, the framesets vary. You can find all prices here: httpL// And then you need to add the cockpit.
Post #5 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 11-Apr-2021 17:41:05 GMT in reply to post #4 [23032<--23033]
Absolutely I’d like for a rtp Got some big plans for a ride. Haven’t we all though!
Post #6 of 12. Posted by Graham Coult on 11-Apr-2021 18:47:04 GMT in reply to post #5 [23033<--23034]
Hi Andy;

I ordered a set of Hunt wheels a new model. November 4 2020 order. The bearing manufacturer is holding these up. They have no definite date. 3rd week in April was last target but am not holding breath. I have an event May 22 the WI DE is painted and been in a box for months. The Ekar components in a box now for 3 months. The bike build was scheduled for April 20 but that looks unlikely?? I have been bothering Hunt for a while and they have offered a full refund. I did say why not send me their alloy wheels and when the Limitless 32s come in I will send the alloy set response yet??
Post #7 of 12. Posted by Alsn Montgomery on 11-Apr-2021 21:20:02 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23035]
Have youtried Stayer wheels? They are a little more expensive than Hunt but superb quality and builds are taking about 4 weeks.
Post #12 of 12. Posted by Phillip Meyer on 01-Jun-2021 11:58:14 GMT in reply to post #7 [23035<--23166]
Does the current frameset differ in any way from your first release?
Post #9 of 12. Posted by Myron Lewis on 28-May-2021 15:02:44 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23154]
We regularly make small tweaks to the layup but functionally no, it's the same.
Post #10 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 29-May-2021 15:59:48 GMT in reply to post #9 [23154<--23155]
Thank you
Post #11 of 12. Posted by Myron Lewis on 30-May-2021 13:28:30 GMT in reply to post #9 [23154<--23157]