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Andy Kessler - 28-Jun-2018
Back in March I announced two dates for events where we can meet with OPEN owners and ride together. Unfortunately we had to change our plans a little and combined them into one: the legendary BORDERCROSS aka R(h)ein and raus...

The plan is still the same. A two day event where we will cross at least 3 borders. Each day about 80 to 90km/2000-2500m. In the evening a nice BBQ and if its not super rainy we go swimming in the Rhine river. Starting point is our office which is 10 minutes from Basel Airport (cheap Easy Jet and Ryanair flights from all over Europe).  Once we get closer to the event we share more details and can organise hotel reservations if needed. We have a few demo bikes for those of you that have no OPEN yet. But there is only a few so if you want one you better reserve it now.

The only thing that changed is the date. The new date would be 1st and 2nd of September 2018.

Here is a video to give you some idea what to expect from the the trails around Basel.

In the last week we had two events with dealers of us. Obst and Gemüse in Basel and Velosophe in Geneva. In the following gallery some impressions from those two events. Both of them perfectly organised, with great people, good weather and food...Thanks a lot Obst and Gemüse and Velosophe.
Both rides were a lot of fun.

And yes the picture with the backflip from Velosophe event is real. First I thought that a pretty boring picture with the guy standing on top of that thing until suddenly he started to jump..

And yes there was one black sheep in the Velosophe ride but as our brand name says: we are OPEN

And no we are not working on a cargo gravel bike.

See you in Basel

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You better count me in, Andy!
Post #1 of 9. Posted by Felix Wickenhäuser on 02-Jul-2018 04:54:41 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13856]
cool looking forward to ride with you Felix
Post #5 of 9. Posted by Andy Kessler on 05-Jul-2018 05:55:35 GMT in reply to post #1 [13856<--13869]
Great stuff - but will be taking my Open to the Torino-Nice Rallye that day! :)
Post #2 of 9. Posted by Sandro on 02-Jul-2018 06:25:30 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13857]
Post #3 of 9. Posted by Raúl on 02-Jul-2018 10:01:10 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13858]
Great! Enjoy!
Post #4 of 9. Posted by Raúl on 02-Jul-2018 10:01:37 GMT in reply to post #3 [13858<--13859]
Hi, is it correct that - if you want to switch between two different wheelsets (e.g. one 650B offroad Setup and one 700C racebike Setup) - it is important to use two wheelsets of the same manufacturer, in order to avoid necessary mechanical adjustments with the derailleur and with the Brakes?
Post #6 of 9. Posted by Tim on 06-Jul-2018 09:03:09 GMT in reply to blog [0<--13874]
Hi Tim, yes that unfortunately the case. also basically it should be a standard hub measurements are slightly different between suppliers
Post #7 of 9. Posted by Andy Kessler on 11-Jul-2018 06:06:17 GMT in reply to post #6 [13874<--13891]
Hi Andy, is this true for all wheels? I assume you don't know by heart all the differences between wheels of different manufacturer...however, is it only a matter of a quick check and eventually re-indexing of the rear mech and possibly checking the brake calipers alignment? Or are there some potential compatibility issues? I'm a proud owner of an OPEN U.P. and I'm looking at having a second 650b wheel set
Post #8 of 9. Posted by Paolo on 05-Sep-2018 08:02:14 GMT in reply to post #7 [13891<--13981]
Hi Paolo, yes correct just checking gears and callipers. The gears are are a real easy one. On the callipers its normally like 5 to may 10 minutes work. So not a big work but work...
Post #9 of 9. Posted by Andy Kessler on 11-Sep-2018 10:26:10 GMT in reply to post #8 [13981<--13994]