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Andy Kessler - 28-Dec-2021
Before we start with the details of this collaboration let me thank you for all the donations made for World Bicycle Relief. We have reached 114% of our goal and you donated a total of 22815CHF. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Our last blog of this year is about a very special collaboration. Never before has tradition been as valuable as it is today. TECTA is a German furniture brand and synonymous for the Bauhaus movement but with a forward thinking approach.

When Christian Drescher is not thinking about new furniture or managing his family business, he spends time on his bikes. His idea was to combine design, Bauhaus and cycling and not only create one design, but actually have 3 different designs for 3 different OPEN frame sets, each one inspired by furniture of the TECTA lineup.

Funny side story: one of the big names in Bauhaus - Marcel Breuer - got the inspiration for bending steel tubes for his chairs from a cycling handlebar.

So when Christian contacted me and asked me, if we are interested in creating something together, it was a no brainer as both Gerard and myself like furniture and Bauhaus a lot. 

Many people have been involved in this cooperation:

Dominik Kirgus from Studio für Gestaltung in Köln who transferred the great furniture design to our frames.

Tony Spray Italian custom painter who made the impossible possible. One of the best custom painters in this world.

Constantin Meyer Fotografie who took all those amazing pictures.

Enjoyyourbike our German dealer who build up those 3 bikes. You can contact them also if you want one of those beauties for yourself.

See the stunning result in the video and find out which one is your favourite design. Mine changed during the design process....

or check out the gallery

Comments & Questions

All three are beautiful! But my choice is the Mind, the colors are insane!
Post #1 of 5. Posted by BEsignss on 28-Dec-2021 07:49:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24390]
Could that furniture or those bike paint schemes be any uglier? What fool would want that cheesy looking stuff in their home? LOL ????
Post #2 of 5. Posted by Laughing at it on 28-Dec-2021 09:21:05 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24391]
Post #4 of 5. Posted by mgntgn on 31-Dec-2021 12:10:51 GMT in reply to post #2 [24391<--24395]
Die Geschmäcker sind verschieden; Es gibt auch Leute, die sich ein komplett (!) rosa Pinarello Dogma kaufen...
Mir gefällt der blau-gelb-weiße Rahmen, würde ihn mir jedoch nicht nur des Preises wegen nicht kaufen.
Und : für 4.500 Euro (soviel verlangt enjoyyourbike für diesen Rahmen) lege ich mir eher ein upper zu....
Post #3 of 5. Posted by claudia on 30-Dec-2021 05:41:37 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24392]
Those chairs with the arm rests: looks like a functional design that's something I would like to try while watching a few episodes of a Netflix movie at home. a few tweaks here and there. It would have to fit me perfectly like
a fitted bike. My leg height from floor to top of knee bend, the back support as stenosis of the spine is everyone's concern. The cup holders on the arm rests. Add one for a mobile device or even a Bluetooth portable speaker.
Perhaps the design was intended for commercial use like in a waiting room to see my "Attorney Bernie". I see it for my home where It would get a lot of hours of usage.
Post #5 of 5. Posted by Stanley on 02-Jan-2022 11:50:31 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24396]