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RTP of the Day: Kike's SNDS OPEN MIN.D.-Part 1

Marc Gasch - 10-Nov-2020
We have seen a huge increase in the last 12 months of amazing custom paint jobsSometimes it is about flashy colors, about amazing custom logos or about a splash of details painstakingly applied to the frame by the artist for hours and hours...

Today's example is one of the first custom painted MIN.D. It is designed by our friend Kike Vega in Barcelona. Inspired by the looks of a Mercedes race car the AMG GT F1. The result is a  simple and elegant design, not at all flashy this time. After countless hours of trying color combos, Kike and the rest of the crew at SNDS Cycling Club worked with famous painter Kilianboy to bring the idea to reality.

Here a quote from Kike about the design process, followed by the making off gallery. (stay tuned for the complete build photo gallery coming soon...)

"Min.D. means minimal design, so I want this bike to represent exactly this: clean, balanced, timeless, and the best set up I can afford with a super quality paint finish. But, let's be honest, we all love to go fast, so I use the AMG GT F1 as inspiration to make the bike look even more unique. Small details count, transform normal things into special and personal, right? Also SNDS (@sundays_snds) that is our way to understand the cycling world, is part of the design, with small mention close to Min.D. About the numbers in the down tube? Well its something pretty cool I think, both postal codes of the OPEN and SNDS office. Making things personal includes to be working with friends, so @kilianboy was the master behind the paint and @ismalopezz (@jordan.workshop) the one of the build. About the weight? My legs are happy. About the performance? What do you think? Thanks to the rest of the team involved in this beautiful creation! Hope you like it. Have Fun!"

Photography / RTP design: @diagonal.k/@kik_evega/

Paintjob: @kilianboy

Mechanic: @jordan.workshop

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