Stuff your sorries in a sock!

Gerard Vroomen - 28-Jan-2016
A few years ago we designed some OPEN apparel. But when it came to the socks, we couldn't agree. Andy preferred the short socks and one design, I wanted the longer socks and a different design. In defiance of our relentless simplicity mantra, we decided to make both (Andy's design in the top photo, mine in the bottom photo) and turn it into a little competition.
And then the shenanigans began. We introduced the apparel at SeaOtter, but Andy "forgot" my socks and only brought his design. Not only did that mean we couldn't sell my socks, but even worse, I was forced to wear his ugly design! In fact, to this date I have never gotten a pair of my own design from Andy. And the odds were already stacked against me because Andy does all the selling at OPEN, I just do the engineering and design. 

So you will understand that yesterday was one of the proudest days of my life, when Andy was forced to tell me he had sold out of most of the sizes of my design while we still have sock stock in his design. Flag, gold medal and anthem please! So I would like to thank all of you who have bought my socks, and Andy: You can stuff your sorries in a sock!

And if there is anybody who feels bad for Andy, just send him an email or give him a call and buy a pair of his socks. Tell him I said hi.

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WHere is the store that stocks jerseys, caps, and shirts
Post #1 of 3. Posted by Steve daklin on 12-Dec-2017 22:40:07 GMT in reply to blog [0<--8318]
Dear Open,
I have a new Open U.P. - I love it!!
I want to replace the bolts on the top tube with bolts that are flush with the surface of the tube.
Where can I find such bolts?
Post #2 of 3. Posted by Ed Rieckelman on 07-Mar-2018 19:16:11 GMT in reply to blog [0<--10552]
Congratulations *wink* Hang loose out there, guys! Great to see your collaborations kicking ass. Super inspiring stuff.
Post #3 of 3. Posted by Keegs on 22-May-2020 14:32:36 GMT in reply to blog [0<--22248]