Andy Kessler - 07-Sep-2018
Last weekend we finally had our long announced Bordercross customer event here in the OPEN headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Its the summer equivalent of the winter Crossfondue event.

Talking about summer.... yes we had an incredible summer this year. Way to hot and totally dry. Temperatures over 30 degrees were the rule and not the exception. 5 days before the event everything still looked good and I promised people nice 24-25 degrees - perfect for riding. Then three days before the event suddenly the first day with more than a quick thunderstorm and real rain was announced... and temperatures dropping to 10 degrees....

Saturday came and yes we got the cold temperatures but luckily just a bit of rain. On the downside we got heavy fog... A bit a shame as it was hard to explain people coming from all over Europe that at a certain point you would see a great panorama with even a view of the alps when the only real thing you could see was the next 10 meters...During the day it cleared up a bit and temperatures got back to 20 degrees.

Anyway we had a lot of fun and after 90km in France and Switzerland we arrived all happy and tired at the office. After a beer and some small appetisers time for a shower and a good Italian dinner.

On day 2 we had better weather. That day we left for Germany and the Black Forrest. Less trails more real gravel. Faster riding but still a lot of up and down.

On both days we did not swim in the Rhine river. It was just to cold. One more reason to repeat that event with a different route next summer.

We had visitors from 7 countries for this two days and I met a lot of great people. Thanks for coming and sharing your passion with me.

Sorry for the long gallery but for OPEN lovers that have joined the two days worth to see a good portion of the 200+ pictures we took.

See you in February for the Crossfondue part II. Be prepared for some muddy and maybe snowy conditions. The Cheese Fondue will make up for all the suffering...



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Hi Andy - looks super fun. Also last weekend, Rebecca's Private Idaho gravel race was held in Sun Valley, Idaho. Somewhere north of 1000 people from all over the US raced / rode and I swear there were hundreds of U.P.'s present. I was blown away. I didn't get to race mine because my wife and I decided to race our (very old) tandem, but one less U.P. was statistically insignificant to OPEN's brand domination...
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Hi Thanks for the feedback. One day I want to do that race. have heard so much about it....
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