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The Lactose-Overdose series aka Grand- Fondue

Andy Kessler - 21-Feb-2019
Two weeks ago we had our first winter event the Crossfondue. Last weekend we participated at the Grand-Fondue a ride from our dealer in Bern Tac Tac.

I think we should rename that event and call it  "Holiday on ice" (the biggest European show that shows ice skating at its highest level).

We started the ride with 25 people (half on it on OPEN's) and I think we were closer to 20 when we finished the ride. We had a cold but very sunny day. The nice thing was that when you were on the sunny side of the hills you felt like spring riding. But on the other side of the hills that stayed in the shadow at least part of the day you could suddenly be on a sheet of perfect ice. At the beginning it was just ice but then at the end there was a thin layer of water on it which made it even more slippery. The only thing you could do on the downhills is hold your bars completely straight and hope that it stayed this way...

We had a couple of crashes but fortunately nothing really bad. The route itself was spectacular. A good mix between gravel and trails and some scenic views of the Swiss Alps with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

And of course the Fondue at the end paid back for all the efforts.

Here some impressions:

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