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BOTM: The New U.P. - Feeling blue? - part 2

Andy Kessler - 12-Sep-2017
Last week we showed you a video of the epic ride we did in the Elsass with the NEW U.P.  riding some MTB trails.

This weeks video is about our Bike Of The Month the baby blue NEW U.P. and the difference to our CLASSIC U.P. with the post mount frame and the 3T Luteus II fork.

We got many questions about the build of that bike. Hope you still can wait a bit we will show you more pics and the detailed specs in the next two blogs. By the way, the last one is planned for September 25th thats actually when we should have stock of this beauty in all sizes in all our warehouses...

Comments & Questions

Hi Gerard
Thought you might be interested in the design geniuses on show at this house for sale.
You might even get a discount as you probably don't need the bike!!
can spot Bertoia, Binfare ,Castiglioni, Eames, Haller, Johnson, Lelli, Mourgue, Platner, Prouve, Starck and van der Rohe and VROOMEN !!
Post #1 of 4. Posted by Glen Hamilton on 12-Sep-2017 07:21:51 GMT in reply to blog [0<--7058]
And Hirst too. Yep, I know that house listing, it's been up for a while. I have half a mind to go take a look at it.
Post #2 of 4. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 13-Sep-2017 22:02:19 GMT in reply to post #1 [7058<--7060]
And Koons
Post #3 of 4. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 13-Sep-2017 22:25:53 GMT in reply to post #1 [7058<--7062]
better link
art knowledge is a bit neglected these days. Cycling, design, music and science/medicine are my strong points. I think the acoustics off the glass house would be a deal breaker. After the price, immigration, location and employment issues.
Post #4 of 4. Posted by Glen Hamilton on 13-Sep-2017 23:49:24 GMT in reply to post #1 [7058<--7065]