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Andy Kessler - 18-Aug-2016
We have been working for a while on some new OPEN clothing. For a while is somehow not the right expression!!! Sometimes in this process I had the feeling, that it is more challenging to produce and deliver a new piece of equipment, than to produce a new bike model. But once you have the stuff in your hands you somehow forget how hard work it was.

We have worked with 2 different suppliers in order to offer you two different price and quality levels:

We have partnered up with Assos a while ago. Their Werksmannschaft has done 2 Cape Epic events on our OPEN 1.0. The result was a couple of podium finishes of their team members and even more important the start of a good partnership. When it comes to product philosophy we have a lot in common.  Obviously we are both Swiss based companies but that's not what makes a huge difference. I personally think it is the desire to innovate and to produce the best possible product without compromising.  Here comes a a small gallery that shows the love and passion that they put into the packaging of the Assos-OPEN rally short (if the packaging is so technical and nicely designed hard to imagine how much time they spend on the clothing!). 

When you have that box in your hand you do not want to throw it away. I am not a collector at all and try to get rid of any unnecessary stuff but I just can not throw this empty box away...

Castelli is also a long term partner of us. Gerard has worked closely with them during the “Cervélo times“. Our last performance clothing line has been produced with them. We have made some changes to the design and most important there are some new socks. I call them the “Gerard Vroomen Signature Edition”. You might remember there was a battle between Gerard and me on the last Castelli sock production. Last time it was about the sock length and Gerard surprisingly won it by a very close margin. I mean I am the sales guy, I was just too honest and sold his sock design also. I could have easily manipulated the results…. This time its about good taste. Don't disappoint me and go with the Assos socks….

All the product pictures, pricing and availability you get in my next blog early next week.

And yes, if your local OPEN partner can not offer you those items we can ship worldwide...Go sponsor yourself !



Comments & Questions

Will you have tshirts as well? That simple "MTB" tshirt is excellent!
Post #1 of 11. Posted by Travis Reid on 19-Aug-2016 11:50:35 GMT in reply to blog [0<--883]
Andy made a new T-shirt design too. I hate it, just wait for my design! No, just kidding. There's even a hoodie.
Post #6 of 11. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 19-Aug-2016 16:12:56 GMT in reply to post #1 [883<--890]
Hi Travis, yes we will have a nice T shirt and a cool hoodie in the next 2 months. This will not be in next weeks Blog as I only want to include there clothing that we either have in stock or we get in the next 30 days. So those 2 items will be in a later blog
Post #8 of 11. Posted by Andy Kessler on 20-Aug-2016 10:10:48 GMT in reply to post #1 [883<--893]
Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to your line.
Post #10 of 11. Posted by Travis Reid on 22-Aug-2016 11:51:44 GMT in reply to post #8 [893<--905]
:-) looking forward to this :-)
Post #2 of 11. Posted by Ed Hawkins on 19-Aug-2016 12:14:30 GMT in reply to blog [0<--884]
women's sizes ?
Post #3 of 11. Posted by alexandra on 19-Aug-2016 14:01:43 GMT in reply to blog [0<--886]
Hi Alexandra, unfortunately no women specific clothing yet. So far the problem has been minimum quantities in production. Some people would consider our clothing unisex but I don't like that word to much sounds always like a compromise. So yes it could be worn also by women but no it is not women specific.I hope that we can offer something true women specific in the near future.
Post #7 of 11. Posted by Andy Kessler on 20-Aug-2016 10:08:16 GMT in reply to post #3 [886<--892]
With Castelli service course beginning at 10 pieces, why not ;-)
Post #9 of 11. Posted by Anaximandre on 20-Aug-2016 18:01:26 GMT in reply to post #7 [892<--896]
if the availability hinges on quantities ordered, can you offer women's sizing? Then, if you don't have enough orders, we won't be getting the clothing...i've tried men's sized Assos and Castelli. Unisex it's not !
Post #11 of 11. Posted by alexandra on 22-Aug-2016 20:36:17 GMT in reply to post #7 [892<--908]
Your are just answering to my question on twitter 2 days ago
Post #4 of 11. Posted by Anaximandre on 19-Aug-2016 14:18:10 GMT in reply to blog [0<--887]
I, too am looking forward to the new clothing. I'm especially interested in the socks.
Post #5 of 11. Posted by kwapik on 19-Aug-2016 15:06:28 GMT in reply to blog [0<--888]