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BOTM: U.P.s WE DID IT AGAIN - part 2

Andy Kessler - 10-Jul-2019
I told you they will move fast! As announced in my last blog about the OPENXENVE limited edition all the 60 frames sold out in a couple of days. We have nothing left but I might help you with finding some at selected dealers. 

For those who missed the action here are the beauty shots. Not sure if this makes things worse...

If you are looking for something really special then we still have our Rouleur and JobRad edition available in all sizes.


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Hi guys, I have your 2018 Open gravel bike, and I absolutely love it! We have logged many miles since I got it in February of 2018. This weekend we were working with a travel photographer and my bike's lovely orange paint was scratched in several places in transport from location to location. Can you please help me in locating the paint to touch up the numerous scratches it received. Thank you in advance for your time. Cheers, Cheers!!
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