Andy Kessler - 02-Aug-2019
After 8 month of hard work we have a new clothing collection in stock in our German warehouse.

It took us a while to get it ready. Maybe you have seen some pics of one of the jerseys during our WI.DE. launch. It has been almost as difficult as doing a new frame! We have two collections now one more focused of-the-trails and one for more roadie use. Of course you can mix and match them.

Even better we will soon have a shoe that matches those kits... but more about that in around 2 months...

I share the pictures that we did during our video/photo session back in spring. It basically only shows one jersey but I like those pics and would be a shame not to have them public.


If you want to see the whole collection check it out here.

2 more things:

We have reduced the current Assos line as we only have certain sizes left, same for the blue and green T-shirt.

We have made only 5 of the XXS Equipe Aero jersey. One for Gerards daughter and one for my son... So there are 3 left for a happy kid age 6-7.

Comments & Questions

Hello, I need to get a replacement thru axle and lock nut for my OPEN UP front wheel .

How can I get one ?


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