A sad day for cycling - especially Swiss cycling

Andy Kessler 19. Apr ’18 General
I am not sure why I write this BLOG. For those of you know that follow our BLOG regularly I am not the man of many words and like to act rather than to talk or write. Also I am not the guy that shares any personal things on social media. You will never see a pic of my family on facebook….

But today I just have the desire to write something.

In my 25 years in this business I had 3 people that really inspired me and helped me to be the person I am today.

  1. Beppo Hilifiker ex CEO of Cannondale Switzerland and Europe. Without him I would be a frustrated Geologist.
  2. Gerard Vroomen: Without him I would be a frustrated employee. I have never met somebody that creative and intelligent (good that at least one of us is…)
The third one died today after a long battle with leukemia: Andy Rihs was my mentor during my 7 years as CEO at BMC. I have never met somebody so passionate, visionary and driven. He had many dreams and he realised most of them.

Without him cycling would not be where it is today in Switzerland. He did so much for it too much to list.

Yes, he was not an easy person to work with and sometimes his dreams where just too big for this world. And yes, sometimes he trusted the wrong persons and did not listen, but I learned one important thing from him: Live your dreams never give up.

Without him I definitely would not be where I am today.

He was one of the richest Swiss guys but one of the few that really enjoyed his money and invested In a lot of good things and Start-Up’s.

He lived the life of a rich guy but in his heart he was still a simple person. When we had lunch break during BMC meetings we sometimes went to Mc Donald’s for lunch. When I was invited to his house for a dinner we had a Bratwurst as he really liked this kind of food.  

He liked to eat and he liked wine. And he always rode much to fast on his bike for his fitness. I was sure…no I would have wished he would have a heart attack on a ride one day in 10 years from now. But life had another plan for him.

Long story short I guess I found out why I am writing that BLOG by now.

What I learned from him beside many business things is:

Live you dream, never give up try to reduce the compromises in your life to a minimum. Don't plan to do something for later in your life do it today because maybe there is no tomorrow.

And what I learned from today’s bad news: Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory… thanks for those moments  I will never forget Andy.

I guess those two things I actually wanted to share with you all the rest is just a personal story.