After the show is before the show

Andy Kessler 08. Sep โ€™16 General
Eurobike has been a good show but very different from last years. Some big companies don't go there anymore and as mentioned in my last blog this year we only had an outdoor presence in the demo area.

That was a good decision as the weather was perfect and it feels so much better to have some fresh air than being in one of the sticky halls. But that was just a very nice side effect. We still believe that riding our bikes is really important to make a buying decision. Our bikes are different and you can talk about that for hours but if you get a chance to ride them its much easier to understand why.

So we were really busy and had over 240 demos in 5 days.

We had some booth presence inside also thanks to our long-term partners that featured OPEN bikes on their booth. Our booth in the demo area was hard to find as the show did a very bad job in letting people know where to go. A lot of people that found us after some extra loops came to me and said they have seen our bikes a couple of times walking the show. So I guess ourย guerrillaย marketing worked out well and I would like to thank all our partners that featured our bikes.

Thanks to:

Magura showing ourย  medium ONE+ in 29 setup

Onza Tires for showing our medium ONE+ in 27.5 Plus setup

WTB for showing our small ONE+ in 26 Plus setup (ok no pictures of that guess why..) and our medium U.P. fully loaded with Apidura bags

Lauf for showing our large U.P. in 27.5 setup with 2.1 tires and the new Grit fork and our large ONE+ย  in a 27.5 Plus version

Apidura for showing our small U.P. with 700C wheels ready for bike packing

Podia for doing one the nicest U.P. out there and displaying that beauty at our booth

Looking at this bikes in the following gallery you will realize how versatile both ONE+ and U.P. are:

Next stop Vegas, Interbike Outdoor demo. See you there before we move on to South of Franceย  for Roc d Azur