BEATS BY BIKES world journey

Andy Kessler 26. Sep ’19 General
In 2016, JaBig set out for a mid-Winter adventure to cross Canada. It turned into an epic journey that took 15 months to complete, in which he rode over 18'000km. 

This journey is documented in a breath-taking short film called the Escape.

But this was only a warm-up.

Now there is a much bigger journey ahead of JaBig. He started his Beats By Bikes world journey on his 40th birthday August 25th. He will be the first person to combine his profession being a DJ with his passion for bicycle touring and most importantly his mission to support World Bicycle Relief. World Bicycle Relief helps under-privileged children to get an education by providing them a bicycle to get to school.

In his 5 year journey he will ride through over 100 countries for a total distance of around 100'000km. He will share his music in clubs and donate his fee, he will visit local charity projects and fans will be able to ride along with him.

We from OPEN want to support that mission in many ways, providing him equipment for this journey, organising local rides, getting our dealers involved and we would like to ask you to support him also.

You can do that by either donate directly to World Bicycle Relief for that specific project or then help to fund JaBig's journey here.

We also plan to do a limited edition next year where all the benefits go to this mission.

So, please help to support that important journey. JaBig is currently in London where he gets a proper fit at our local dealer Cyclefit. He is still waiting for his parts but his frame is already there and in a couple of days his ride in Europe starts with a Bristol to London journey followed by a DJ set in the Aures Club in London.

We keep you posted and will share at least once a month an update on his journey and invite you to ride with him.