Andy Kessler 25. Jan ’21 General
So why do we do a blog about something that you can not buy anymore ?

You might have seen in the last BOTM blog that our latest OPENxENVE limited edition sold out in minutes.

Believe me it is not to drive you (and in the same time us...) crazy but we promised you that ENVE will launch something new February 4th. They have launched their new Foundation Wheel gravel collection. You can check them out on their website.

It looks like they have still limited availability but I guess you have to hurry up also for them...

So, I keep it short not to create more envy with that ENVE.. (wow another great proof of my Swiss humour as Gerard would say!)

Here is the video:


And here the beauty shots.

Maybe one thing this blog still can do is give you inspiration, to attack your own custom paint job. We have pretty ok availability the next months for our so called "ready to paint" frames. Happy to send you contact details for some good custom painters. Now that you have long lead-times for many drivetrains, that might be something worth doing before you get totally crazy in lockdowns...

And promised, the next BOTM blog will be about something you can actually buy (we have stock of painted and ready to paint MIN.D. frames) just to help you not to loose your MIN.D.