New website

Gerard Vroomen 11. Jan ’17 General
Our webmaster Matt and I have been working hard over the holidays, not only with the new online store but also with some other website updates you may find handy.

First off, we know a lot of you love the Bike Of The Month series, just for the images or as inspiration to spec your own OPEN. But we realise it was always quite hard to find them a few months later. So now we have added the photos and specs to the main bike pages. So all the ONE+ BOTMs are on the ONE+ page and all the U.P. BOTMs are on the U.P. page. Just scroll down to the Gallery and you'll find thumbnails for all the different builds. 

Just above those galleries, in the Specifications section, you will find another improvement. All relevant tech videos are listed right there, so you can quickly find how to for example install brake or shift cables.

On a more technical point, you may notice we've done away with the slide over function where text and separator photos moved relative to each other. While nice and dynamic, it was also a bit jittery and disorienting at times, especially with slow connection speeds. And in the spirit of Relentless Simplicity, we thought it best to remove it and just go with a more plain set-up. After all, it's all about the content.

On the comments sections, you will now get an email notification when somebody has responded to your comment. That way you don't have to waste time checking back, or remembering where exactly you commented. When we (or other visitors to the website) reply to your comment or question, you'll know.

We hope you like these changes, if there is anything else you'd like to see, let us know. I can't promise we'll honor your wishes (that pesky Relentless Simplicity again) but we'll definitely consider it.