Rapha x OPEN Limited Edition

Gerard Vroomen 17. Sep โ€™22 General

Let's start with the gallery:

For the third time in OPEN's history, we are launching a Limited Edition frame with Rapha. But this time, it's much more than that:

  • OPEN U.P. bikes will be available for rent in all 21 Rapha club houses around the world. This service is available for all Rapha Cycling Club members. So now you can travel without your bike, pick up a great rental bike and enjoy these 21 cities and their surroundings on an OPEN U.P. The first Club Houses have already received their new rental bikes, all should have them by the end of October. You can reserve them via the Rapha website.
  • We're supporting several Rapha initiatives like the Women's 100 (you can still sign up here if you're quick!)
  • We are launching not one, not two but three limited edition OPENs:

Get your Complete Bike
Starting from US$0.00
U.P. RAPHA Limited Edition Frameset
U.P. RAPHA Limited Edition Frameset
Get Your Frameset
Starting from US$3,400.00
MIN.D. RAPHA Limited Edition Frameset
MIN.D. RAPHA Limited Edition Frameset
Get your Frameset
Starting from US$4,100.00

I am dreading of writing this down again, but if I don't we get too many angry emails from people who missed the boat: Our limited editions almost always sell out extremely fast, and if the previous Rapha x OPEN projects are any indication, that will be true for this as well.

And a final random fun fact about this project: We're shipping these rental bikes to the Rapha Club Houses re-using Harley Davidson pallets. So they ship their motorbikes to Europe on these pallets, we then ship them back to the US with Rapha x OPEN rental bikes on it. We cannot promise you the same horsepower they can, but our bikes are a lot quieter.