Andy Kessler 23. Nov ’21 General
Remember the blog about Kike's SNDSxOPEN MIN.D. ?

Not just a custom paint job, but a project and one of the nicest custom painted MIN.D.s out there.

Once again, we teamed up with our friends from SNDS for another project this time based on the WI.DE.

Here is what Kike hast to say about his project : 

"After the clean and minimal design for the MIN.D. the OPEN WI.DE. was the right one for this project. MNTN2SEA is the interpretation of Barcelona's dual cycling approach. You can ride mountain trails and asphalt minutes apart, that is the perfect gravel world for us living in the city and the WI.DE. is the perfect dual purpose bike for us. The colors and graphics represent the sunset, the gravel, and the elegance and power of a dream car. Super happy to share some paint details (from the @kilianboy hands) that shows the alliance between OPEN and SNDS, between Basel and Barcelona, between gravel and asphalt.
Tested during a gravel event in the costa brava the SNDSxOPEN is fast, agile, responsive and above all comfy, incredible comfy"

Check out the gallery (what I love is that the bike is actually dirty- people who know me know why...):

If you want to attack your own custom paint project - now during winter is the best time - and you can not find a local painter, let us know, we can always give you directions to partners we work with. We have MIN.D. WI.DE. U.P. and U.P.P.E.R. Ready To Paint frames in stock.