Ekar complete bikes now available

Gerard Vroomen 10. Nov ’21 General
We like gravel (and even road) bikes built with Campagnolo Ekar as this groupset is refined, versatile, light and sturdy. It really let's a lot of people take another look at Campagnolo. You can read more about the Ekar group and about whether Ekar is right for you.

So we are very excited to now ship any UP, UPPER or WIDE frame size and color to your door built as a complete bike with Ekar. We cover all shipping, duty and related costs within Europe and North America. You can also order it via your local OPEN retailer and they will build it up with the same parts. Regardless of how you order, please expect some 4 weeks for final delivery given the increases in shipping and processing time in most parts of the world.

You can check the spec lists and order with the links below, or read on for more details.
So what does the complete bike build look like? 
  • For me the cassette is the heart of every drivetrain, and we have decided on the 9-42T version for Ekar. It gives you the greatest flexibility and with the 13 cogs, the steps are still small. The nice thing about Ekar is that all cassettes work with the same rear derailleur, so you can change gear ratios without any problem or have two different cassettes on two different (road and gravel) wheelsets.
  • Crank has a 38T chainring which sounds small, but you have to keep in mind that in combination with the 9T cog, that’s a big enough gear for any gravel and mixed road/gravel riding.
  • The rest of the Ekar parts are as we know and love them, my previous articles describe them in more detail.
  • For the cockpit, we went with ENVE stem, bar and seatpost. Beautiful parts, comfortable, solid, sleek.
  • The wheels are one of my personal favorites: HED Emporia GA Pro. HED is much better known in the US than in Europe, but they are one of the true pioneers in bike wheel design for the past 4 decades. They are also the people who introduced me to the Midwest gravel racing scene many years ago, where the U.P. concept was born in my head. With the Emporia GA Pro, the G stands for Gravel, the A for Alloy and the Pro for HED's top level. These wheels are as light as many carbon wheels despite being alloy, but very durable. Their 26mm wide inner rim width perfect for gravel tires 35mm wide and up.
  • NOTE: We now also offer this bike with ENVE carbon wheels
  • We offer the wheels in 700c and 650b so take your pick. 
  • The wheels come either with 700x40c Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H tires or in the case of 650b with Vittoria Peyote/Barzo 27.5x2.1” tires.

If you have any questions, check all the photos below or  ask them in the comments or via the contact-us form on the left. If it’s all clear, then you can order yours here:

All the specs can be found here: